Steppin' In Faith
  • J.R. Flores
6 episodes
Each show we will talk to a special guest about Faith and how they came to find it, what it means to them and how it guides their life! Support this podcast:


Episode 6 - Carlos Baldovinos
2021 Jan 1250m 24s
This week we speak with Carlos Baldovinos, Executive Director of The Mission at Kern County. Carlos talks to us about the work they do at The Mission. Plus, Discusses his faith and how it has guided him in his life and his work.
Episode 5 - Jim Wheeler
2021 Jan 041h 1m 32s
In this episode we talk with Jim Wheeler, Executive Director of Flood Ministries. Jim explains what Flood Ministries is and the work they do in the homeless community. He also discusses his faith, time as a Pastor and what lead him to where he is now. For more information about Flood Ministries, or to donate or volunteer go to
Episode 4 - Josh Sherley
2020 Nov 1755m 15s
In this episode we talk with Josh Sherley as he shares his story of not only faith but a new understanding of God's grace and the power of his love. Also cover knowledge of the head and the heart, plus hard topics that a lot of men deal with.
Episode 3 - Alex DeRamus
2020 Oct 311h 19m 35s
This week on Steppin' In Faith we talk with Alex DeRamus as he shares his story of faith.
Episode 2 - Pastor Robin Robinson
2020 Oct 0654m 47s
On this episode Pastor Robin Robinson of Canyon Hills Assembly of God and City Serve Bakersfield shares her story, from a small child in Arvin, leaving Bakersfield, her world getting turned upside as a teen to finding Faith in Jesus and the people in her life that helped in her journey. We hope and pray that you find inspiration in this story of faith.
Episode 1 - How The Podcast Came To Be
2020 Oct 0537m 36s
This is how the podcast. Steppin' In Faith, came to be and what you can expect to hear each episode. We will bring you personal stories about how people came to faith, what it means to them, how it has changed their lives and how it moves in their life everyday. Welcome, we hope you find inspiration here to begin Steppin' In Faith. Much Love and God Bless!
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