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Cultivating dialogue around the intersection of being Christian, Female, and Black.


Christian Civic Engagement
2021 Apr 1330m 36s
This week we sit down with Katina Stone Butler to talk about Christian civic engagement- what it is, how we do it, and how we as believers live faithfully in the pursuit of justice.
Biracial Identity
2021 Apr 0736m 41s
This week our friend DeeDee Roe joins us to talk biracial identity, racial identity development, and the richness we bring to God’s world when we own all of our racial/ethnic identity.
Sister Stories: African American & ADOS
2021 Mar 3137m 51s
This week we’re joined by a friend! Our friend and guest, Abolaji Ogundele, talks with us on sisterhood, culture, and the relationship between Black Americans or ADOS (American Descendant of Slaves) and African Americans (African immigrants to the US).
Ideology: Wakanda + Black Liberation
2021 Mar 2433m 3s
This week, we talk Black Panther, Wakanda, and black liberation.
In White Spaces: A Discussion on #LEAVELOUD
2021 Mar 1744m 19s
This week we discuss #leaveloud, a call from The Witness for BIPOC to hold majority-white spaces accountable for racial justice.
The Doctrine of Discovery: A Conversation With Mark Charles
2021 Mar 1051m 51s
This week we are joined by Mark Charles, an author, public speaker, and 2020 Presidential candidate to talk through the historical and theological roots of America’s beginnings, white supremacy, and its impact on race, gender, and class concerning Native Peoples.
The Do's and Don'ts of White Allyship
2021 Mar 031h 1m 31s
This week we’re joined by our very good friend Rebecca Carrell, one of the hosts of the podcast Honest Conversations by HeartStrong, to talk about the do’s and don’ts of white allyship. From friendship to failure to truth and to Jesus- Rebecca talks about a heart for justice and to see the flourishing of fellow image-bearers.
The Color of Country
2021 Feb 241h 31s
We're joined this week by Rissi Palmer- gifted musician, host of Color Me Country, wife, mom, and lover of shoes- to discuss race, faith, and country music.
Sister Stories: Single, Black, and in Seminary
2021 Feb 1753m 16s
Our friend Jayme Hightower joins us this week on the podcast for a bit of storytime as we walk through our seminary experience as single, black women. We share the highs, the lows, the funny, the misunderstandings, and what we have learned/are learning in our desire to follow Jesus.
The Therapy Episode: Stigma, Faith, and Whole Health
2021 Feb 1038m 21s
This week we are joined by Joi McGowan, a licensed and practicing therapist, to discuss the stigma of mental health and how we can pursue whole mental health.