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Welcome to Well Traveled, a podcast brought to you by Colligo Travel. Whether your dreaming, planning, or simply listening to a good story, we’re glad you are on this journey together. We aim to tell the untold stories of great adventure - whether it be big, small, near or far. After all, Colligo travel is built by your very own experiences.


Podcast - Session Three - Andrew
2020 Apr 101h 15m 4s
Andrew grew up and was on a plan we probably all subscribed to at some point: get a good education, get a good job, and climb the ranks. When Andrew knew he wanted to make a change, he made a complete 180-degree change and took an unpaid position in Uganda to do impact investing. You’ll hear about the ups, downs, learnings, and where he is headed next.
Podcast - Session Two - Bethany
2020 Mar 2037m 58s
Meet Bethany, an adventurer from the very beginning. Eventually through different other travels led Bethany to teach abroad in Taiwan for an entire year. Listen as she takes a walk down memory lane to share her first-hand experience in what it’s like to experience a culture unlike hers. If you’re curious about how to teach English in Taiwan, find information here:
Podcast - Session One - Nicole
2020 Jan 131h 22m 25s
I had the privilege and honor to launch my first episode with the fearless go-getter, Nicole Morin. She’s a true delight and a positive light of energy. She tells a much more meaningful story of where her why comes from and never allowing obstacles to stand in her way of enlightenment. If you enjoyed our chat and would like to keep up with Nicole, you can find her on Instagram @UniversallySeeking.
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