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From the Burgundy Chairs is a podcast for health system leaders created by Santis Health. Bringing you insight, understanding, and thoughtful discussion on the issues affecting Canada’s health system, From the Burgundy Chairs will take you beyond the immediacy of the daily news cycle to untangle some of the health sector’s most intractable problems.


Episode 13: The Agility of Canada’s Health Charities
2021 Apr 0832m 49s
The past 12 months have been a historic period of challenge and change for Canadian health care charities. The pandemic has impacted how they fundraise, conduct research programs, engage donors and volunteers, and ultimately deliver support to Canadians living with disease. Despite this, health charities have adapted and found new ways to operate virtually, help to slow the spread of COVID-19 and support Canadians in need.
Episode 12: Doug Clark on PMPRB’s Path Forward
2021 Mar 0339m 4s
Last October, the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) published new guidelines aimed at modernizing Canada’s pricing framework for patented medicines. The guidelines and regulations are the culmination of a five-year process that began in 2016 and the regulations are currently scheduled to be implemented on July 1, 2021.
Episode 11: A Breakthrough Year for Physician Assistants
2020 Dec 0723m 35s
2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as a challenging year for Canada’s health care system. From hospital capacity challenges to the realities of staff burnout, all facets of the health sector have been impacted by COVID-19 in some shape or form. Despite a turbulent year, there are positive examples across the country of initiatives, successes and wins within our health care system.
Episode 10: Health Profession Regulation - Is Ontario's Current Model Working?
2020 Nov 1619m 7s
Like many jurisdictions in Canada, Ontario is struggling to regulate health professionals in a way that both protects patients and the public, but also provides flexible oversight to ensure health professionals are able to exercise their full scope of practice including their depth of knowledge, specific skill set and professional judgement.
Episode 9: Jodi Hall on the Federal Government's Role in Long-Term Care
2020 Oct 0114m 47s
It’s been one week since Governor General Julie Payette delivered the Speech from the Throne, opening Parliament with a significant commitment to long-term care. But what now? What will the national standards for long-term care mean for operators and, most importantly, residents and staff?
Episode 8: Donna Duncan on Long-Term Care Before, During and Post COVID-1
2020 Sep 1428m 58s
The Ontario Long Term Care Association’s Wave 2 Action Plan for long-term care consists of 11 elements that aim to ensure long-term care homes have what they need moving forward to prevent and contain COVID-19. In this episode, Donna Duncan, Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA), joins Patrick Nelson to look back at lessons learned from the first wave of the pandemic and look forward to the measures needed to protect Ontario’s seniors and those who care for them.
Episode 7: Innovation in Times of Uncertainty
2020 Aug 3138m 57s
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges and, at the same time, a unique opportunity to embrace digital health solutions. Responding to COVID-19 requires swift and innovative thinking, and although digital health has been on governments’ radars for decades, progress has been slow.
Episode 6: The Federal Fiscal Snapshot. What Does it Mean and What’s Next for Canada?
2020 Jul 0933m 36s
On July 8, the federal Liberal government updated the country on Canada’s finances. This fiscal snapshot was unlike any other as it arrived after four months of reactionary spending as the Trudeau Government responded to COVID-19. As the government moves beyond the emergency phase of its response and into a new recovery phase, what can we expect next? Will we see the budget originally drafted for March of this year make its way to the House this fall? Does the government have the confidence of the opposition parties to continue to navigate these uncharted times? In this episode, Peter Cleary, Stephanie Gawur and Ian Chesney unpack the economic outlook provided by Finance Minister Bill Morneau to Canadians yesterday. They discuss the issues the federal government will be tasked with this fall as health care organizations and providers brace for a potential second wave of COVID-19.
Episode 5: Dr. Naveed Mohammad on a Path Forward for Ontario’s Hospitals
2020 Jun 2924m 1s
Building capacity in Ontario’s hospitals has been a core pillar in the province’s COVID-19 response. More than three months after the provincial government declared a state of emergency, the question is, how are our hospitals holding up? How are they navigating this next — somewhat uncertain — phase in Ontario’s health care transformation plans? In this episode, Dr. Naveed Mohammad, President and CEO of William Osler Health System, sits down with Dan Carbin to discuss system capacity, health equity, and hallway health care amidst the pressures of a global pandemic. Dr. Naveed Mohammad was appointed President and CEO of William Osler Health System in April 2020. Osler is one of Canada’s largest community hospital systems, serving 1.3 million people living in a fast growing and culturally-diverse region. Dr. Mohammad joined Osler in 1997 as an emergency physician at Etobicoke General and has held a number of progressively senior physician leadership roles. Most previously, Dr. Mohammad was Osler’s Executive Vice-President, Quality, Medical and Academic Affairs.
Episode 4: Susan Fitzpatrick on What’s Next for OHTs
2020 Jun 1521m 31s
Almost a year and a half ago, Ontario introduced its large-scale plan to integrate health care providers with the goal of creating a patient focused and streamlined system. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the province just a few months after the first Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) were announced in December 2019.In this episode, Keltie Gale, Senior Consultant at Santis Health, and Susan Fitzpatrick explore what Ontario's health transformation agenda might look like with the pressures of COVID-19. How will OHTs support the province’s COVID-19 response? How will ongoing issues, including system capacity and virtual care, be addressed?Susan Fitzpatrick has over 30 years of experience in Ontario’s health care system. She was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer of Ontario Health and as the inaugural CEO, Susan led the province’s newest health agency through one of the largest mergers in recent health history. In 2015, Susan was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network and just a few weeks ago, Susan joined the Santis Health team as a Senior Advisor.