• Carola & Sasha
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Welcome to Casa Feels! A safe space where we can be us and will encourage you to be YOU! We will discuss real life highs and lows and everything in between in 20 minutes or less.


Does age really matter?
2021 Feb 2718m 24s
Is it true that age is nothing but a number? According to Sasha the answer is no.
Save your pick up lines
2021 Feb 2714m 57s
15 minutes wasn’t enough for our rant on this subject.
20’s vs 30’s
2021 Feb 2033m 56s
Your 20s is a decade of discovery but be sure not to miss out on life because you’re too focused on what should be. Nothing is expected from you, just be happy
The talking stage
2021 Feb 0622m 24s
confusion and awkward moments. what are we?
The Fuckery of Texting
2020 Dec 2820m 57s
Texting. Easy for some hard for most....
2020 Dec 0817m 41s
On this episode we will discuss the levels of Intimacy, what it means to us and more.
First date expectations...
2020 Nov 1829m 21s
Having expectations can be a recipe for disaster, it's basically setting yourself up for disappointment but we are all guilty of doing it.
Bad Bunny (Espanol)
2020 Nov 0519m 47s
Quien dice que no se puede ser culta y perrear?
Dating, the struggle.
2020 Nov 0221m 13s
Like we said. Dating, the struggle.
2020 Oct 2622m 6s
On this episode we will discuss our experiences with heartbreak and how we got through it.
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