Wisdom from the Rishis ( Arsha Vidya Deepam )
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One has to recognize the self being already free from the limitations imposed on it. Timewise,spacewise or objectwise limitations are due to self ignorance.To know oneself is the real pursuit in life. All other pursuits are just an expression of this basic search for freedom from unhappiness. Here We will have an opportunity to listen to swami Nijatriptananda Saraswati. All are welcome. https://anchor.fm/nija3pta/message


Take care -Part2
2021 Apr 2524m 15s
In continuation to the "Take care -Part1 " .Here it is the "Take care -Part2".
Take care -Part1
2021 Apr 1736m 21s
Take care my dear. . . ..this is not a technique or a trick but a reality to be understood by everyone and it will make one relaxed, as you slowly pick up the clarity in your vision that your life is not out of order.
SahasraNama (Sri Medha Dakshinamurty)
2021 Apr 081h 6m 20s
ashtottara sahasra nama(1008 mantras)of SahasraNama(SriDakshinamurty) . https://youtu.be/RiHA976bdVA
2021 Mar 289m 20s
The 108 names(mantras) of Bhagavan SriDakshinamurty also known as SriDakshinamurty AshtottaraSataNamavali.Listen and learn to chant these 108 mantras . The mantras first letter begin with the moolamantra letters in order.Very beautiful to chant and visualize the Lord in the form of Guru to become the recipient of all blessings. https://youtu.be/UCwB43XGLiE
Discovering the ultimate goal of life.
2021 Mar 2448m 13s
Every one is trying to see that they have achieved their highest potential in their life.But if one is not content with oneself then it is certain that he/she is settling for something less in their life.Life is meaningful if you are fulfilled.Otherwise the search will continue to get that completeness in your life.You are the whole and you can not miss it for want of that knowledge.So discovering yourself becomes a pursuit in itself.What is missing in life is nothing but this knowledge alone.Inspite of every other accomplishments people find themself incomplete,unsatisfied,insecure and unhappy. The problem is you and the solution cannot be out side you.The solution is you.The search is futile if it is not well directed to reach the ultimate goal of life.....Listen...Swami Nijatriptananda Saraswati.
2021 Mar 151m 53s
"KaupinaPanchakam" these are the verses by Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada, bringing out the beauty of the inner vision and the fulfillment which happens only by the well assertained self knowledge. Happiness is the very nature of self and hence one has to find it in oneself.Listen to the verses here and play the video to Find the brief explanation to these verses here at this link:- https://youtu.be/l9CoabAFLLA
Maha Shivaratri SriRudram chanting
2021 Mar 111h 22m 38s
SriRudram chanting on MahaShivaratri day. Other suktas and shanti mantras mantrapushpam etc.with ashtottarasata namavali of Bhagavan Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy. om Tat Sat
ॐ नम:शिवाय OmNamah Shivaya
2021 Mar 1117m 1s
ॐ नम:शिवाय OmNamah Shivaya ॐ नम:शिवाय OmNamah Shivaya ॐ नम:शिवाय OmNamah Shivaya
2021 Mar 102m 52s
om namah shivaya This mantra is repeated being alert and paying attention to the japa.One can do it without much effort where ever one is. https://youtube.com/channel/UCbZxlscFX5kNBRtx-Rz7Eiw
The greatest blessings
2021 Feb 2428m 5s
Three things are very rare in this world to accomplish. Birth as a human being, there after the maturity to seek the ultimate goal of life the "moksha" the self knowledge and a teacher (Guru) to bless by giving the vision of Vedanta the self knowledge. It doesn't happen always.Blessed are they who got these three things in life. Today being the Pradosha day let there be the blessings of Lord Parameswara for every one and for those who come to listen to this in particular.