Archivist With Attitude Podcast
  • Joseph Shay
13 episodes
A podcast looking at current events in the United States and the world at large through the lens of an academic historian and archivist.


Episode 13 Nazis and an Unjust Acquittal 02.15.2021
2021 Feb 1558m 29s
This week, we are tackling the fallout of the Capital Insurrection and taking a look at the history of Nazism in America and it's relevance to the rise of the modern ultra right movements of today.
Episode 12 Insurrection 01.10.2021
2021 Jan 1046m 12s
The first episode of 2021. In this episode I do my best to put into words my thoughts on the insurrection and attempted over-through of our duly elected government of Wednesday January 6, 2021 by President Trump and his zealots and cronies. I used BBC news for much of the backstory and I make comparisons to the BLW protests from 2020 as well as the Civil Rights Protests of the 60s. This was a difficult episode for me as the events of this week really hit me hard as a student of the history of this country.
Episode 11 Election Day 11.03.2020
2021 Jan 101h 22m 31s
This is a raw uncut recording of a conversation with my uncle Joe Cipale recorded on election day 2020 as we were anxiously watching the returns in the Biden V. Trump Presidential race. We discussed the election as well as several other historic topics that related tangentially to the issues faced during the 2020 election. I apologize in advance for any possible audio issues as I recorded this from a Zoom call and did the best I could to clean up and balance the sound.
Episode 10 WWIII, Media Bias, Notorious RBG 09.27.2020
2020 Sep 271h 16m 29s
My 10th episode. The gloves really come off in this one as I delve into WWIII like post election scenarios, lambast the President, discuss the precedent breaking potential new nominee to the US Supreme Court. I conclude by looking at a spectrum of source material and charting the biases therein. This episode is emotional and important and more like it are sure to follow. Please like and follow me on Facebook and check out the links to the sources I discuss in this podcast below. Thank you all!!
Episode 9 Loggers' Playday Special 09.13.2020
2020 Sep 1444m 20s
This episode focuses on the history of Logging in Grays Harbor and what Loggers' Playday means to me personally. I have actively been part of working the Elks portion of the days festivities for the last several years and due to COVID we were unable to have the event this year. The topic of this episode was requested by my sister-in-law and I felt what better time to talk about the history of Logging in the Harbor than the weekend that would have been Loggers' Playday weekend.
Episode 8 Back from Hiatus 07.26.2020
2020 Jul 2643m 42s
I'm BACK! Back in the saddle again! This week we are taking a look at how COVID is effecting supply lines and what you can do to help get this country back on track. Also, unidentified troops disappearing people, when did we become Pinochet's Chile? Lastly, some thank yous and some positive thoughts to end the show. Thank you all for listening and please feel free to leave messages and feedback. I want this to be your show as much as it is mine.
Episode 7 Alex Eddy Guest Host 06.12.2020
2020 Jun 1347m 18s
A special episode today as I welcome my good friend Alex Eddy into the Man Den Studio to talk about Race In America, Autonomous Zones, Flag Etiquette and Flower Power. A fun time and a great episode. Thanks Alex! Thank you all for listening.
Episode 6 Racism, Riots, COVID 19 05.31.2020
2020 Jun 1030m 20s
This episode I'll be updating you all on the Aberdeen School District funding situation as well as copping an attitude about COVID 19. Lastly, I will discuss the protests and riots in Minnesota and other places across the county and give some historical background to hopefully provide some perspective on why this is happening and how we can do better.
Episode 5 Belated Mother's Day Special 05.17.2020
2020 May 1740m 6s
This week I will be copping an attitude regarding recent cuts to our local school district in Aberdeen Washington. Also, I will be reflecting on my mom, whom I lost to cancer in 2009. An emotional episode this one. Thank you all!
Episode 4 Sources Followup and Copping an Attitude 05.03.2020
2020 May 0447m 13s
This week I am following up on last week’s podcast due to a listener’s request. This week I am discussing the information sources that I, as the Archivist with Attitude, use when I am doing research and working to separate fact from fiction.