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IDI hosts conversations about making debate education better. Debate Education is a crucial 21st-century tool to improve young people's critical thinking, civic participation, and public speaking. We talk with leading experts in the field to unlock debate's potential. IDI is a podcast by the International Debate Education Association. A list of further sources accompanying the podcast can be found here:


Improving the mental health and wellbeing of debaters, with Jessica Musulin
2020 Dec 1134m 40s
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Organising a Coronaproof Debating Tournament
2020 Dec 0140m 27s
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Interview with the Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Urban Debate League, Rolland Janairo
2020 Oct 1533m 42s
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How to be a Chief Adjudicator, with Monica Forman (CA of Astana EUDC)
2020 Oct 0859m 39s
Today we speak with Monica Forman. Monica was the Chief Adjudicator of Astana EUDC. Having organised such a large - and online - event, you'll learn everything you need to know for organising such an event from a motion-setter's perspective. But being a CA is more than coming up with motions. It is about finding and training the best judges. And it is about making everyone have a great time.  It also helps if the person who you are setting a motion about personally agrees with the motion and watches the debate!
Tshiamo Malatji on rethinking the development of debate circuits
2020 Sep 1751m 8s
In the final episode of IDI's special focus on making debating inclusive, we speak with Tshiamo Malatji.
Teacher and debater Paidamwoyo Takayoto: how to improve inclusivity in schools debating
2020 Sep 1058m 22s
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Argument Antrenant founder Nae Șovăială: "Turn debate into a gym for your brain"
2020 Sep 0349m 6s
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Start your Debate Club in the right way! with Vangel Gorgiev of YEF
2020 Aug 2741m 54s
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Brian Wong on the dilemmas communities face when they confront prejudice
2020 Aug 251h 2m 45s
in this special miniseries we are hosting conversations with some of global debate's leading voices on making debate a more inclusive space.  In this episode we speak with Brian Wong. Brian is DPhil (PhD) candidate at the University of Oxford and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Political Review. As a judge they have judged nearly every final in competitive debate, whilst also reaching the semi finals of the European Universities Debating Championships as a speaker.
Learn and Improve based on Evaluation | With Expert Bob van der Winden
2020 Aug 2046m 51s
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