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The Why Run?! Podcast brings you insight in today's modern society. We focus on the most important organ in the body, The Mind. If you claim to be "hashtag Woke" but still frown upon a Monday, and claim you're a "Boss B*tch", you're not as #Woke as you say you are. The purpose of Why Run?! is to help people regain their strengths, identities and their happiness. And to complain about a Monday is not what Boss B*tches and Woke-People do. So stop lying to yourself and others; and let's realign who you are and where you want to be. Support this podcast:


Bonus Episode: The Cost of Help + "Just Hold My Hand!!" • 4/19/21 • The Why Run?! Podcast LIVE
2021 Apr 291h 17m 39s
Sup Everyone?!  In this livecast I firstly interact with other podcasters that were taking a break from a platform, and how other people/our audiences were making us feel when we cast.  Then I go on to make an example of another podcaster who dreams of being an author/comedian, ect., but isn't doing anything to pursue them.  As the liveshow goes on, I talk about another shit person (I'm not going to bring recognition to him or his cast) that lied about having cancer.  He gained (more like STOLE) my/our audiences into believing he had cancer and they wanted to support him.
Bonus Episode: Last Day Being 35 + Want Me Dead?! + Be Who You Wanna Be • 4/11/21 • The Why Run?! Podcast LIVE
2021 Apr 202h 10m 2s
This is episode is about a few days late... (more like 7 days/a week late).  MY BAD!!  But it's here!!  Yes, the very last episode that Audie is lastly going to be 35.  Gosh, can you believe it?!  I will never be 35 AGAIN!!  That's scary to me.  Maybe when I'm 85, I can somehow go back to FEELING 35.  But then again, at now 36, my body feels like the age of 85.  Oh well.  I'm sure it will work itself out.
Bonus Episode: Went LIVE In My Whip . 4/13/21 . The Why Run?! Podcast LIVE
2021 Apr 191h 33m 18s
Sup all?!  So yeah, it's what it is!!  I went LIVE in my whip on the way to the casino.  I'm sitting in the lot in the middle of Target while my family went inside to try to purchase a new cellphone for My Mom's.  You get to hear a funny story about My Mom; the time she never checked her text message until some years later.  There were other types of rubbish I rant about, including Dating and Relationships.  It is never an intention of mine to piss anyone off during an episode (especially a LIVE episode), but a person did get stupidly offended by something that was an open discussion but specifically didn't like what "I" said.  Then I had a little fun with my listening audience including some other beloved podcasters where we'd might have to SOMEDAY bail out an O.G. (Original Gangsta) from jail for stealing Fendy purses (laughs).  Press play and have a listen!!
Ep. 52 • Knowledge & Change • 4/10/21 • The Why Run?! Podcast
2021 Apr 1149m 33s
Hi everyone!!  Long time no cast.  Thank you all so much for returning; for I have a few quick topics to discuss.  In this episode, I did kind of run through these topics in an injustice way.  I will talk about these things thoroughly in the future, but I did break them down into five topics.
Ep. 51 • People You Knew + Coming To America 2 Preview Review + Prisoners • 2/4/21 • The Why Run?! Podcast
2021 Feb 051h 10m 3s
Hi all!!  In this episode of The Why Run?! Podcast we're discussing people that we knew.  A lot of people try to convince us that "The past is the past" and "Leave the past in the past" is a tactic THEY use when they don't want to (or they feel like THEY DON'T HAVE TO) face their true fears from their past.  They're afraid that the past is going to come after them and honestly; that's the only truth they know.
Ep. 49 • Headphone Flex + Being w/ Nature • 1/28/21 • The Why Run?! Podcast
2021 Jan 281h 10m 30s
In the beginning of this episode, I do a headphone flex.  In my previous episode, I talked about how I needed new headphones to get rid of my earbuds.  I got me this pair off of Amazon and so far so good BECAUSE I ended up turning this whole flex (product review) into a whole episode.  But NOT ENTIRELY.  The rest of the episode is about how off balanced I got after neglecting myself for some months.  I discussed how I always went into Nature to re-balance myself every time I had a problem or issues to no longer going and bumping my time with Nature out of my everyday life.  There were a lot of drawbacks in my life and I'm finally getting myself back on track with doing the things that I need to do for myself.  Vomiting to feeling and being physically ill caused by people does exist.  Speaking about it with you all, I hope it brings some kind of clarity as to why you may feeing physically it and not knowing the cause, might ease your Spirit in someway after you have a listen.  More of this topic is going to be discussed because, I do have a lot more issues that do still make me feel sick that I haven't talked about yet (I forgot to mention in this episode).  So if these types of topics interest you or of they're helping you out a great deal, more conversations are underway.
Ep. 48 • Getting Worse Every Year + Did I Have Covid?! • 1/21/21 • The Why Run?!Podcast
2021 Jan 2252m 28s
This was a whole mess of stuff being randomly discussed in this episode. I talked about how much im beginning to hate YouTube influencers; not only flexing their new lavish lifestyles, but somehow all of a sudden changing their sexual preferences. Talk about betrayal to their (now) ex-husbands. I also get into how I took my Covid test and how I feel I didn't really have it.
Bonus Episode: Not Who They Are • 1/8/20 • The Why Run?! Podcast LIVE
2021 Jan 092h 9m 17s
Hey Friends!!  Happy New Year!!  Welcome to my first LIVE and episode of The Why Run?! Podcast of 2021!!  During this livecast I finally talked about what I've been wanting to talk about since November 2020 was about how the chiefs of my reservations shouldn't be chief anymore due to their incapability's.  That's very hard for me to say and admit but, there are things that are going on in our villages that are surpassing by our leaders, the barricades and the police officers that are at the COVID checkpoints to our villages.
(Re-up) Bonus Track: What You Try to Imply + Do For Others • 12/29/20 • The Why Run?! Podcast LIVE
2020 Dec 291h 39m 37s
Sup guys?!  I'm so happy I was able to go live and record yet ANOTHER episode!!  I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to and, HERE I AM!!  In this early morning livecast, I had a lovely conversation with Lite Brite in the chat about our deliveries.  I didn't know she did deliveries like me. so that was exciting.  Then I went into talking about how people who have been saying to me that they understand me on the things I talk about whether it be my own problems or typically the topics I discuss here in The Why Run?! Podcast.  They make low blows to say they don't agree with you but they respect it.  It hits me differently because the people you trust with what you share with them, seem as though the more you share with them, the more they try o imply is that you're wrong for feeling what you feel.