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Sometimes, you can hear the view. One view at a time, Every Sunday, be mine. Stay in touch: Heal by Anshika (self-help startup): Instagram.com/heal.byanshika/ Host/Founder: instagram.com/heyyou.notyou/ If you have any suggestions, reviews or something you’d like to share with me, drop a mail : heal.wellnesscommunity@gmail.com


3.2 Do you feel like starting up?
2021 May 094m 15s
Not everyone feels like starting up at the same time. (visit www.healbyanshika.com for what, why and how)
3.1 You & me, let’s believe
2021 May 025m 12s
Hi, 3 is season- 1 is episode. Welcome back. I’ve tried to keep all the episodes under 5 minutes because I don’t want to owe you a lot of my time, time is important. Deal? (visit www.healbyanshika.com for what, why and how)
EP07: For you, from me| Healing halos w. Anshika
2021 Feb 147m 54s
I’m glad you reached season finale. Hey, I’m honoured. I wanted you to know few places I’m coming from as a person, and I wanted to give you something. Thanks for being around, it’s warm. Stay in touch with me and Heal • Tell me how you feel when you heal: https://anchor.fm/anshika-rathore/message • Find me on Instagram: Instagram.com/heyyou.notyou/ • Heal on Instagram: Instagram.com/heal.byanshika/ • Digital Art: Instagram.com/tanishqpant/
EP06: Nothingness, an Equilibrium | w. Tanishq Pant
2021 Feb 0729m 23s
Hey you! I had a conversation with a writer who believes we all have a place in our minds where we don’t know what we are feeling, and he says it’s okay to not know. I heard him, and I say it’s okay too. Have a listen and go to that place later and this time, worry less. • Guest Viewer: Instagram.com/tanishqpant/ • Digital art: Instagram.com/proof.rock/ • Special thanks to Raina for the warmth Instagram.com/raina_slams/
EP05: I stopped fearing people | w. Divya Choudhary
2021 Jan 3135m 29s
We are women, hear us as we are. In this conversation, divya shares what it’s like to be a woman with ambitions and desires in the society we live in. We talk about the Internet, why appreciation is essential and some crazy things men talk. Divya also shares her new venture, a sustainable clothing brand for men, what an initiative woman! • Guest Viewer: Divya instagram.com/divya_05/ • Clothing line: instagram.com/unfold.man/ • Digital Art by Supriya Bhandari instagram.com/supriya_bhandari/
EP04: My baggage is mine | w. Padmakshi Sharma
2021 Jan 2428m 40s
‘If I believe in myself, I can do anything.’ Padmakshi, founder of a powerful NGO called NuRi and a law student says this line with the confidence I truly admire, adore and aspire. I believe our emotional baggage is the only way to building ourselves with value. And the best part is, you WILL carry the baggage because let’s admit it, we all have been there. Now and then. • Guest Viewer: Padmakshi Sharma instagram.com/padmaaa_/ • NuRi instagram.com/nuri.india/ • Digital Art by Diwyani Vajpayee Instagram.com/flamingo.and.her.heart/
EP03: I love women | w. Axhat Khanduja
2021 Jan 1730m 10s
Who are you? I’m absolutely loving Axhat’s view. In this episode, Axhat and I take a dive meeting at rock bottom and moving to the healing point. We talk about our flashlights in the dark ocean. Time and Age, ended up being our favourite illusions. And God, our favourite idea. Dive in, and have a good swim, you can learn. • Guest Viewer: Axhat instagram.com/theoldschoolwriter/ • Digital Art by Supriya Bhandari instagram.com/supriya_bhandari/
EP02: I woke up, now what? | w. Arshiya Anis Khilji
2021 Jan 1020m 39s
There’s so much nothing, nothingness, it’s important to create something, be something. Arshiya is a plant mom. In this episode, Arshiya and I are having a conversation on zoom call, we chat about what to even do with this life during the toughest times. Waking up everyday can be a task, and it’s okay, there’s always something you can do, to be conscious and better. This is a view, I hope you see what you want to see. • Guest Viewer: Arshiya instagram.com/skyiyac/ • Digital Art by Diwyani Vajpayee instagram.com/flamingo.and.her.heart/
EP01: I chose to learn | w. Shivangi Johri
2021 Jan 0331m 36s
Welcome back, Viewers! This is us coming back to Heal View, second season - Healing Halos, where we’re getting in conversation with humans. Mostly taking a view on healing as a process, living as a process. In this episode, Shivangi and I are sitting in my garden with rays of sunlight on our faces. We’re having tea with honey, and chatting about anything and everything, it turned out to be something. This is me sharing that something with you. I hope you make the most out of it. •Guest Viewer: Shivangi instagram.com/shivangi_johri/ • Digital art by Tanishq Pant instagram.com/tanishqpant/
Going, coming
2020 Dec 062m 57s
It’s a loop, and we live in this loop. In the last episode of season one, we come back.