• Betsy Brown
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Wavelengths explores the environmental, social, and economic issues affecting the oceans. Episodes are presented in a story telling form.

Follow host Betsy Brown as she learns what’s happening to the seas around her and what people are doing about it.


Impacts of Tourism: Philippines Special Part II
2018 Oct 1612m
Wavelengths visits Malapascua island in the Philippines where tourists come from all over the world to experience the thrill of diving with Thresher Sharks.
Sharks and Typhoon Yolanda: Philippines Special Part I
2018 Oct 158m
*This is a new version of
Teaser: How a tiny island recovered from a devastating typhoon
2018 Oct 0347s
Wavelengths returns with a two-part special from the Philippines October 9th.
Hawaii's Dangerous Sea Creature
2018 Feb 0910m 31s
If I told you a translucent blob with long flowing ribbon-like tentacles could kill you would you believe me? A sting from a Chironex Fleckeri Box Jellyfish can stop your heart in just five minutes but it looks harmless. That species of jellyfish isn't in Hawaii, but it's cousin the Alatina Box Jellyfish is. University of Hawaii Manoa Researcher Angel Yanagihara has been studying Box Jellyfish for two decades.  She became interested in the jellyfish after falling victim to its sting. She shares her story Wavelengths.
Danger in the Ocean (tease)
2018 Feb 081m 31s
A preview to the next episode of Wavelengths. Coming 9 days after the last full moon. (Feb. 9)
Super Coral: Getting Ahead of Climate Change
2018 Jan 1612m 13s
On a tiny piece of land in the middle of Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii a group of scientists is working hard to save coral reefs. It's a multi-layered project using several approaches to train and modify coral so it can survive heat stress. The project is led by Dr. Ruth Gates and gained momentum after Hawaii's coral bleaching events in 2014 and 2015.
Social Media and Monk Seal Monitoring
2018 Jan 024m 25s
Learn how scientists are using social to monitor endangered monk seals and the people who see them in the wild.
White as Snow: Coral Bleaching in the Pacific
2017 Dec 1912m 31s
Something happened to one of my favorite places. This week on Wavelengths I take you to the island of Guam where coral bleaching has impacted reefs four times in the last five years. We'll explore what bleaching does to coral and what it means for the future of the reef.
Plastics in Paradise: Marine Debris in the Hawaiian Islands
2017 Dec 0512m 28s
When you imagine a remote beach what do you picture? This week on Wavelengths we take you to Pearl and Hermes Atoll, one of the most isolated islands in the world. We hear about the beauty of this place and how trash from thousands of miles away is destroying it.
Episode 1 Trailer: Plastics in Paradise
2017 Nov 221m 30s
A preview for the first Episode of Wavelengths: Plastics in Paradise. We take you to Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument where we learn how litter is harming wildlife in the largest protected area of Ocean in the United States.
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