Talking to the lamp post
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Join me as I explore Sexual Addiction, Betrayal Trauma and Parenting the internet generation. Hear the answers to all the questions you were too afraid to ask.Here we speak our minds, share our pain and learn how to recover.


Boundaries- " fences" for personal and emotional safety
2018 Jun 2114m 35s
We discuss the different types of boundaries and how to determine your non-negotiable boundaries.
Trigger Warning
2018 Jun 1213m 40s
A complete trigger management system at your fingertips. When you deal with triggers effectively, you can reduce relapse and slips during recovery. This management system is suitable for both the strugglers (the addict) and the betrayed (the partners).
The truth about Sexual Addiction
2018 Jun 0720m 5s
Could you be a Sex Addict? We unpack the fundamentals of Sex Addiction. Contact us on if you need an assessment to determine your risk
Porn, Sex and murder
2018 Jun 054m 42s
Anti-porn equals Anti-se x, or does it? Listen how we explore how porn impacts our sexuality.
Coming soon!
2018 May 3013s
Jibber jabber about who we are. You know, just the usual stuff that we say to get you to subscribe to our podcast. Will you be listening? It just going to be between me, you and the lamp post ;-)
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