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The world from a high schooler's lens in a podcast that is entirely student-run.


S2 Episode 13: Police Brutality, School Shootings, and Hate Crimes
2021 Apr 2818m 20s
The past few months have shone a light on the dark side of America, through various school shootings, hate crimes, and incidents of police brutality. In this episode, Isabella and Kelly help look at these issues through the lens of a high schooler.
S2 Episode 12: Celebrating Earth Day
2021 Apr 2112m 57s
In this episode, Staff Writer Tanmay details seven ways you can help celebrate Earth Day and have a small but positive impact on the environment as you do it.
S2 Episode 11: Fixing A Serial Productive Person
2021 Apr 0116m
In our second April Fools segment, we explore the mental issue know as productivity. With a Dr. Phil-esque segment we try to see why people seek productivity and how to cure this rampant illness.
S2 Episode 10: Senior Prank Shennanigans
2021 Apr 0115m 37s
This episode is a joke. Listen to see what Irvington High School's seniors are planning on doing for their senior prank this year in an inception-like meta episode. The rest is a surprise!!
S2 Episode 9: Distance Learning Discussions - Virtual Benchmarks
2021 Mar 1024m 47s
As school continues online into the second semester, Irvington's infamous benchmarks have undergone significant changes. How do students feel about this? In this third and final part to our distance learning discussions, News Editor Felicia Mo (12) and Prahalad (12) interview a freshman, sophomore, and senior about how the benchmarks are going for them. As they reflect on the past semester, we hear about what they liked, found difficult, and maybe would have done differently. Music Used:
S2 Episode 8: A Brief History of Black History Month
2021 Feb 276m 42s
To wrap up Black History Month, our staff writer Mykal Mashack gives us a look into the history of this month, why it was created, how it changed over time, and small things we can do to celebrate it. Music Used:
S2 Episode 7: Distance Learning Discussions - Vaccine Update
2021 Feb 176m 17s
In this short episode, Staff Writer Jay updates us on the COVID vaccine and how it could impact the second semester here at Irvington High School.
S2 Episode 6: Distance Learning Discussions - A Different, Valuable, Manageable Semester
2021 Feb 0526m 12s
In this first part of a three-part series about distance learning at Irvington High School, Joy Kuo interviews 4 students from different grades on how their first semester at school has been. From freshman moving to a new school entirely online to seniors spending their last year of high school behind a screen, the semester has brought different experiences to different students across all grade levels. Listen more to learn about how the transition was, things they liked/disliked about online school, their favorite teachers, and important lessons they learned along the way.
S2 Episode 5: Managing School Stress in Quarantine
2021 Jan 2526m 28s
At Irvington High School, students are no stranger to stress. With the added weight of the pandemic and the recent capitol riots, high-schoolers are struggling to find ways to deal with their mental health. In this audio feature, Humans of Irvington High Editor Rachel Kavalakatt explores the resources that students have during these trying times and how we all can take care of ourselves.
S2 Christmas Special: Carol Countdown 2020
2020 Dec 2522m 40s
Not all carols are created equal. By the end of this episode, one Christmas carol will stand victorious while the rest crumble. Which one of your favorite tunes makes the cut? In our first ever Christmas special (and last episode of the year), Entertainment Editor Shivangi interviews Neha (12) and Surabhi (12) about their favorite songs. Together they guess and rate these carols. Will any of these stand up to their scrutiny? Listen to find out!