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Whatever your experience is with Christian podcasts and content, this one is different. You'll learn about Scripture here, but the conversation can't end there. We have to talk about how to embody these truths, which sometimes call for an unorthodox expression outside of your typical sermon or talk. I can't promise you every episode will be pretty, but I can promise you they will be real.

I'm not big on flaunting accolades, but studies show people care about whether someone is a subject matter expert. I do hold a MDiv and almost done with a PhD in Biblical Studies. So if it means anything to you, this podcast isn't just a passion for God, but one embedded in a decade of study at the highest levels.

I'm a professor by trade but really a pastor at heart. It's one thing to just teach the Word of God, but another to actually teach how to live it. That's what this podcast seeks to do. Some episodes will just be a reading and expositing of the Word, while others you'll get a sneak peek into my world, in order to witness how His Word has come to life.

The truth about walking with God is not just stuck in the pages of Scripture, but in how they lift off the page and translate into a transformative power we can experience today. Press play if you dare!

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An Intermission
2021 Mar 0712m 4s
All good things must come to a...pause lol.  Several things have been coming down the pike which is a good thing, but that sometimes comes with a cost.  So let's call this an intermission.  Enjoy the content thus far, but also know I am unlikely able to record anything new for the next few months. I do cast a little vision for the future if it be the Lord's will.  So take a listen if you're interested in that.The WYDE is much more than just a podcast, it's a way of life, and something tells me I'm not the only one.  There are others out there.  It's one thing to talk about God's Word, it's another to actually obey it, so here's to actually doing that lol.  Of all the letters in the acronym, (WYDE), Y-ielding by far is the hardest.P.S.In case you're interested in other content, you can checkout another podcast that I co-host with Jasen Banks and Marcus Gunn.  It's called The Word and the World.  I'll still be on there for the time being.I do mean it when I say, God bless you!Sincerely, JPBIG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
The Book of Bazemore: Chapter 2
2021 Feb 121h 19m 26s
God did a number bringing Marcus and I together.  As we wrapped up chapter 1, we were laughing about how far we've come and how much the Lord has taught us about living well together.  We thought it deserved it's own episode. In this episode we begin to unpack that, but in order to tell the story well, we have to get into our fall from grace.  Some people's honeymoon stage lasts several months, maybe even a year or two.  Ours crashed in roughly 8 weeks LOLOL.  We figured our bumps in the road might be a blessing to someone else, so you don't have to make the same mistakes we did.  You can listen just for kicks (since this part is highly entertaining) but we also hope it will bless and encourage you too.  We speak mostly on our relationship, but the truths shared can be applied across the board since everyone is called to show love to someone at some point, to be slow to anger, and to resolve conflict righteously.  We walk through Ephesians 4:25-32 as a backdrop to our discussion about God's hand on this chapter of our lives.The first couple years under the same roof were tumultuous.  We must be honest about that.  If we had to boil it down to one culprit, it was the neglect and ignorance about the state of our individual mental health.  We were both on fire for God, but that did not save us from the work required to address this important aspect of ourselves.We're also fully aware of spiritual warfare and prayed for that too, but God showed us everything wasn't about warfare.  There were some other things He wanted us to address and get better.  This was an extremely humbling experience for both of us, because we're both confident and well established in our walk with God individually.  Hitting this wall in our relationship was painful but necessary.  We are sharing to encourage other Christians couples to seek out professional help if you've uncovered a significant issue in you or your significant other.  We're also sharing to expose what some of these issues are so that single people can better prepare for what might be ahead.This is probably the first time we are sharing this part of our story as a family.  We were severely off track, but God redirected our course and got us back to where we needed to be.  The work that He has done is hard to articulate, but we do our best to try, and we hope you hear that no matter how bleak a situation may seem, God can reverse and restore anything.  There is always hope in Him.Cliff Notes:Ephesians 4:25-32 Startup (6:40)"Unwholesome Talk" and "Corrupting Words" (17:00)When Cloud 9 Becomes a Thunderstorm (29:00)Identifying the Problem (49:00)Embracing a Solution (1:02:00)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
The Book of Bazemore: Chapter 1
2021 Jan 121h 8m 19s
The Lord has done some amazing things in the life of my husband and I.  We knew that we'd share our story one day and that it would have the power to bless people and ultimately showcase God's glory.  When launching the podcast in October, I had a hunch that recording joint episodes with Marcus would play an important role, since our lives and walks so closely intertwine and influence each other.  He also offers tons of wisdom that ought to be heard and received by others in the body of Christ.  I wear many hats ministry-wise, but the one that grounds them all is my covenant with him. It is an untold story (almost like an epic), but needs to be brought to light.  I pray it blesses and inspires your walk with the Lord wherever you're at.  In this initial chapter, Marcus and I discuss the Lord's hand in bringing us together and confirming our call to each other.There are divergent perspectives on how much freewill believers have in choosing a spouse.  Our testimony is that even though we were drawn to each other (which felt like a choice initially) it was the Lord who set us up.  In that regard we have been humbled to not even really call it a choice anymore, but a definitive call that we could not deny.The majority of Scripture (75%) is written in narrative form.  It is one of God's chosen ways to deliver truth to His people.  We share our testimony in this same vein, trusting that whoever hears it will not just glorify God, but hear His voice in regard to their own lives.  Everyone loves a good love story, but our goal in sharing is much bigger and more Divine than that.  Enjoy!Cliff Notes:The First Signs (6:22)Transitions Into the Call  (24:45)Rings and Things (34:50)The Holy Spirit: The Real Star of the Show (44:10)Book Recommendations (48:00)The Last Sign (52:00)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
Participation in Restoration: A Lesson in Ezra
2020 Dec 2942m 18s
If you know anything about walking with the Lord, you know that repentance and forgiveness are regular parts of the salvation and sanctification process.  With a heightened focus on the instantaneous power and salvation of God, we can lose sight of the often gradual restorative process He employs with many of us.  Forgiveness is instant, but full restoration (especially after weeks, months, or years of rebellion) takes time.  We often diminish this fact in light of what we know about the salvation of Jesus, to our ignorance and demise.  We also diminish this truth because we don't want to admit that our hearts, minds, and bodies naturally offend God.  We are sinful by nature and it needs to be dealt with not just by the power and love of Jesus, but by removal of these offensive entities on our part.  This is what the book of Ezra teaches.  There's a lot we can learn here not just about Israel's history, but about many issues you and I are facing today.  If you've ever wondered why God hasn't restored you or why things are moving at a snail pace, this could be part of the answer.  Christianity at-large is well taught on how to express forgiveness, but vastly under taught on how to participate in restoration, partially because we don't spend enough time in books like Ezra lol.  It's an essential step if you're looking to reach higher heights and deeper depths with Christ.  The instant and infinite power of God is definitely real, but that doesn't negate the fact that many times God ordains restoration as a process and not a one-time event.  This is His prerogative and we must follow it.  The sooner we accept this and submit to it, the better.Cliff Notes:Historical Backdrop (5:00)Scripture Reading Start (11:00)Exegesis on Accountability (16:00)The Onus Is on Us (27:00)Layers of Applications (32:00)This Is Not a Task for One Day (37:00)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
Why (and How) You Should Pour Out Your Heart to God: A Path to Healing
2020 Dec 1540m 45s
Walking with God can be messy.  I'd argue anyone who's life isn't a little more messy as a result of walking with God may not be fully submitted to Him.  Pouring out one's soul to God is one of those messy, but truly essential spiritual disciplines you and I must recover.  There is too much rhetoric these days that equates emotional or spiritual distress with weakness. To say life is hard is an understatement.  Given what some of us are really going through (said and unsaid), our distress is an appropriate response to what our heart or soul has just suffered, encountered, or went through.  Don't ever let someone (believer or unbeliever) belittle that.  Processing out our pain before Him is not just necessary, it's biblical.There are a lot of therapists out there, a lot of self-help books, and a lot of ideologies that claim they've found the path to healing.  The truth is, my truth is, all of those things don't cohere until they are placed at the feet of Jesus.  It is only then, in a persisting pouring out of the heart and soul to God, that one can achieve true healing.  It was true for David and Job, even for Jesus.  I wonder then if it can also be true for you.Cliff notes:Why #1: Therapy Alone Isn't Sufficient (7:25)Why #2: It's Necessary for Your Health (11:30)How #1: Follow the Example of David and Job (13:00)How #2: Make Time, Process, and Be Patient (22:00) How #3: Follow the Example of and to Jesus (28:00)Appendix: For Those Tired of Waiting (35:00) IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
When Our Walk Becomes a Crawl: Prolonged Processes & Arrogant Attitudes With God
2020 Dec 0142m 36s
We really do give God a bad wrap in the Old Testament, as if His punishments are unjust.  The truth is this is God's world.  We just live in it.  He makes the rules, we don't.  The more we can embrace and follow this truth, the better off we'll be.  The people of Israel had a hard time with this too, and their difficulty resulted in a prolonged process en route to the Promised Land. Their story was written as an example for us to learn from, so let's take some time to learn from their mistakes and jump start our spiritual stagnancy by finally moving forward.  The first step is acknowledging our arrogant attitudes toward God and His steadfast love and promises.  Let's take a close look at Judges 2:1-5 in this episode.Cliff notes:Scripture reading start (5:15)The faithfulness of God (10:00)Our plan B can be offensive to God (16:00)Modern day idolatries (21:15)"What have you done?!" (26:00)Applications & action points (31:40)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
Memoir 1: Moral Support for Those in a Struggle
2020 Nov 1735m 48s
The Christian life is hard.  I mean that in the most non-cliche way.  When the Lord calls us into salvation, there tends to be all this positive energy and zeal.  The Lord found us...we found Him...however you wanna slice it.  We pray grandiose prayers for God to use us however He wills, and to remove everything that is not like Him. Here's the thing, we really don't know the gravity of what we're praying, what it will cost us, or what it will feel like for God to answer such prayers.  In this episode, I share a brief testimony of what that experience can be like.  It is recorded more like a memoir, and less like a teaching or sermon.  It is personal and intimate.  If you're struggling and want some solace, validation, or prayer, listen to this episode.  Forward it to a friend who needs it.  We're in this walk together, and I hope my honesty frees you from the mental bondage that true believers don't struggle.  We most certainly do.Cliff notes:Warming up (5:00)The heart of the matter (11:00)Intercessory prayer (26:30)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
A Better Goal: What if God Is Calling Us Higher?
2020 Nov 0336m 34s
Is "goals" still a thing?  A few years ago everyone had #goals.  We still do now, even if the hashtag isn't popular anymore, but are they the right goals?  There is a ton of messaging on what a Christian's goal should be.  Is it peace?  Prosperity?  Success?  Ministry?  Family?  Being more like God?  Being in the will of God?  Walking in purpose? etc. One I don't hear often, but happens to be a mainstay in the New Testament is the resurrection.  Why do most of the writers look forward to dying in order to be with God?  Aren't we already with Him?  Sounds like a terrible goal to me, but then it made me think: What does Paul know that we don't?  Let's take a look at Philippians 3.  It may be possible his goal is better than ours.Cliff notes:Scripture reading start (5:15)Truth about experiencing God (10:00)Exposition on becoming like Him (18:00)The heart of Paul's message (26:30)Application/action points (31:30)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
Let's Have a Heart-to-Heart: A Philosophical Introduction
2020 Oct 1937m 13s
Introductions tend to focus on a person’s accolades and accomplishments, but that is against the heart of this podcast.  This podcast is about what it looks like for imperfect people to pursue a perfect God.  The road is not without speed bumps, construction, traffic, and crashes.  I want to talk about them and encourage you to continue on in the faith and live to fight another day.  I am a professor by trade and a pastoral psychologist at heart, but ultimately I am a person first. Everything is on the table with this podcast, not just the Bible.  Trust me, there will be plenty you'll learn about the Word of God, but the conversation can't end there.  I have to talk about how to live it and how to embody these truths.  I can't promise you it will be pretty, but I can promise you it will be real.Cliff notes:My philosophy (6:45)My background (18:30)The heart behind the name (30:00)IG/FB @JPBazemore*new content coming this fall*
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