The Greatness in You
  • Gary Peart
11 episodes
Gary Peart is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, and he is here with one message, "There is GREATNESS in You!" Join him weekly as he encourages each of us to find that thing inside that makes each and everyone of us great.


Ep 11: Get Rid of Your Dream Killers
2019 Sep 228m 3s
One of the biggest keys to having a successful life is to get rid of the people who say, "You can't do that!" Find people who will encourage you to go after your dreams.
Ep 10: Change Your Thinking for Success!
2019 Sep 087m 53s
One of the key differences between success and failure is our THINKING!
Ep 9: Plan Your Success!
2019 Sep 018m 14s
Just like a business has to create a business plan, one of the keys for bringing out your greatness and seeing your dreams and potential fulfilled... you need to write your plan! Plan your success just like a business plans its success.
Ep 8: Don't Let Your Past Stop Your Greatness
2019 Aug 257m 25s
Everyone has a past that could potentially hold them back, but you have what it takes to overcome your past so that your dreams can be fulfilled and the world can see the greatness that is in you.
Ep 7: My Story
2019 Aug 189m 35s
Born in Jamaica and one of 30 kids, I was probably voted most likely to fail. But I didn't let my past stop me, and neither should you... regardless of where you've come from, there is GREATNESS in you!
Ep 6: You've Been Designed for SUCCESS!
2019 Aug 1115m
A company doesn't design a product to fail... they design their products to work and be successful (otherwise the company would go out of business). YOU have been designed for SUCCESS!!!
Ep 5: Go Back to the Manufacturer!
2019 Aug 049m 39s
When you purchase a new cellphone, car, computer, etc., and you don't know how to use it or what its purpose of it, what's the first thing you do? You consult the manufacturer (by reading that little book or manual that comes with the product). So, if you're wondering what's your purpose and how you best work, go back to your manufacturer! Because you were made with a great design!!!
Ep 4: Sow the Good Stuff!
2019 Jul 287m 11s
Whether you want to call it "karma" or "sowing and reaping"... when a farmer plants corn seeds, he expects corn. Or if he plants watermelon seeds, he expects watermelon seeds. So, if you want good to come into your life, plant good seeds today!
Ep 3: Age or Time Doesn't Cancel It!
2019 Jul 218m 7s
Join Gary Peart this week as he reminds us that age or time doesn't cancel our purpose or potential... nor does it disqualify us from going after our dreams!
Ep 2: From Caterpillar to Butterfly
2019 Jul 145m 46s
Join Gary Peart as he reminds you that just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, so do you when you recognize and go after that purpose for your existence.