• Vlad Herescu
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This one is for those who can't fall asleep because of all the ideas and life-changing monologues in their heads. We thought you might use a companion. Enjoy a wide range of topics and a host that has an opinion on everything.


WTFTI #17 - Margaret Laufenberg
2021 Apr 091h 31m 38s
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Spotify, Tidal & trying to make a living from music
2021 Feb 066m
How much does Spotify actually pay per listen? What about other platforms? And how do artists make money (hint: most of it is not from their music) Learn more about making it in the industry that pays SO WEIRDLY.
What it takes to be a successful artist (Using social media and other tools
2021 Feb 057m 46s
Social media can be such a powerful tool for music producers and virtually anybody that makes music. Learn more about collaborating with teams to bring forward the best results.
Dealing with perfectionism in the male-dominant industry of music
2021 Feb 057m
Dealing with perfectionism is something that we all deal with. But women in an industry that is mainly occupied by men have it harder. Kiera goes over some of her own experience with the expectations she has set for herself as a musician.
Recording an album during a Pandemic
2021 Feb 046m 1s
How TF are you supposed to record, promote and release an entire album during a Pandemic as an up-and-coming artist? Listen to this short clip to find out what Kiera did.
Kiera Dillon’s Journey as an Artist
2021 Feb 038m 31s
Kiera is a super talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and composer. She's a vital part of our day to day life at Muzeamp, working not only as a Mentor for up-and-coming artists but also as a Swiss Knife when it comes to Social Media and engaging with the community.
Kiera Dillon (Singer, songwriter and producer, co-founder at Muzeamp) (WTFTI#16)
2021 Feb 0151m 35s
Kiera Dillon is a super talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and composer.