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Two friends of 36 years talking life, love, money, family, friendship and so much more.


When I Lived In Tokyo Japan
2021 Apr 0639m 8s
This week I reminisce about my life in Tokyo, Japan.  Sharon also shares stories of when she visited us while we lived there for 4 years.
Spiritual chat
2021 Mar 1330m 13s
In this weeks episode we talk about spirit and connecting with lost loved ones.  We share a few stories about experiences that we have both had.  We would love to chat further about this episode so join our facebook group to share some of your experiences with us.
Catch Up Chat
2021 Mar 0533m 55s
In this episode Sharon and Shondelle catch you up on what they have been doing since their last podcast in January 2021.  Sharon shares how she has been busy with her new business and she also talks about the joys of her kitchen renovation project.  Shondelle talks about how she is dealing with the news of her 14 year old dog and finding out he has terminal lung cancer with only a short time to live.
Creating your Vision Board
2021 Jan 0727m 34s
Have you ever created a vision board? Do you want to learn how to?  In our last podcast for 2020 (S1 E4) we talked about positivity and manifesting and the law of attraction.  In this episode we talk about how creating a vision board can help you attract the things you want in your life.  So grab a large piece of cardboard, some pictures of your goals and dreams and whatever you want to decorate your vision board and lets get busy creating and attracting the life you want.
Positivity and Manifesting
2020 Dec 2347m 52s
Join us this week as we talk about how we use positivity and manifesting in our lives.  What do you do to stay positive? How do you manifest the things you desire? We share tips and tricks to help you learn about positivity and manifesting the life you desire.
Language differences Aussie vs USA
2020 Nov 2140m
In this episode we share some funny stories about the language differences in Australia and USA. Listen to a party invite read by Sharon and see if you can understand the Aussie slang.  Don't worry we will interpret all of the slang words for you, we wont leave you hanging and heading to google to find out what everything means.  We share some funny stories about language differences and some experiences we have had.
Episode 1 Redone
2020 Nov 1733m 19s
Thats right. You read that correctly. We did a redo on our first podcast episode to fix some sound quality issues and to fix some editing issues.  Now you can hear everything in full with no missing pieces.
2020 Nov 0230m 44s
This week we talk about friendship.  What it takes to be a good friend.  How to be a good listener. How to be an authentic friend and how to maintain your friendships.
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