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A podcast on Filipino history; for about an hour, let's remember our heroes and remind ourselves of the sense of the struggle


Nancy Navalta and Mona Sulaiman
2020 Dec 0145m 55s
It's Yugto Episode 5! How many times can I say 'unprecedented' and 'genitals' in one episode? Let's find out.
The Babaylanes and Papa Isio
2020 Nov 1543m 24s
This episode, we keep in mind our brothers and sisters suffering from the typhoon, and we channel our frustrations regarding retaliations against the SOGIE bill.
The Babaylanes and Dios Buhawi
2020 Oct 3137m 22s
This episode, we remember Jennifer Laude, and all Filipino LGBTQ who have suffered and died for needless reasons, from pre-colonial times to our present.
GOMBURZA — trial and execution
2020 Oct 1459m 24s
Continuing from last episode, we get into the grisly details of the end of GOMBURZA. This episode, we talk about: "King Burgos", several liars, a fixed trial, a gambling note gone wrong, how one of the Priests went mad, an interesting perspective on what the Cavite Mutiny was meant to do versus what it did, some famous last words, and the dramatic and public executions that would become the roundabout cause of Filipino independence.
GOMBURZA and the Cavite Mutiny
2020 Sep 2954m 5s
Where better to start than the event that we learn about in High School as “the execution that triggered the Filipino revolution?"  This episode, we talk about: the lives of the most popular Filipino priests in history before they were executed, something called "secularization", two governer-generals with very different philosophies, a mutiny and how it became a stellar example of the powers-that-be controlling the narrative so they can kill the people they want to kill.
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