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Welcome to the think money podcast, the #1 podcast for growing your business or side hustle. I'm your host, Logan Stevens. If this is your first time listening, welcome. Whether you want to scale your business or grow your income, this podcast is for you. Email us at - Thinkmoneypodcast@gmail.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thinkmoney/support


006 - My entrepreneurial journey (Logan Stevens)
2021 May 0821m 11s
Thank you to Children's Business Fair for sponsoring the podcast episode. Give your children or teens a chance to shine at your local children's business fair. Go to podcast.childrensbusinessfair.org to learn more!
005 - Dave Burton - Capital Candy Jar
2021 Mar 2543m 11s
I worked very hard on this podcast episode, so please subscribe to my podcast and share with your friends. Sorry I haven't been posting often, but some episodes take longer. The episode is about Dave Burton and how he started with selling candy at school to growing his own candy business, Capital Candy Jar! Dave Burton's website is capitalcandyjar.com
004 - Reyes Gasca - Reyes the Entrepreneur
2021 Feb 199m 21s
On the episode I interviewed Reyes Gasca or known as Reyes the Entrepreneur on social media. We talk about how his life changed after creating YouTube videos. Hope you enjoyed!
003 - The Beginning of Affiliate marketing - Part 1
2021 Feb 177m 49s
In the episode I begin to explain what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how you can grow your income through affiliate marketing. This is part 1 of a new series on my podcast.
002 - Side hustles to start right now
2020 Oct 3017m 38s
In this episode we dig deep into side hustles to start in 2020. It was a fun episode to record!
001 - How to balance your work and personal life
2020 Sep 185m 17s
In this episode I explain how to balance your work and personal life.
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