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A Weekly Exploration of LiveStox as in Career-Driven People, by ways of Cultural Discussions.


The Social Engineering Episode
2019 Jan 0427m 32s
In this Episode I discuss The Reality of Modern Day Social Engineering & It's affecting of Cultural Improvement.
The Limitless Episode w/ Calvin Jr
2017 Mar 2729m 36s
We discuss Survival, Liberation, & Individualism.
The Hustle Episode w/ Nic Wise
2017 Mar 251h 15s
We discuss His Upbringing as an All-American in Basketball, Real Estate, Entrepeneurialism, Nightlife, & Ethics.
The Tattoo Artist Episode w/ 10 Mill
2017 Mar 221h 7m 20s
In this Episode we explore the upbringing and rise of Houston,TX Tattoo Artist, Rapper, & Entrepeneur 10 Mill. We dive deep into ethics, survival, & cultural upliftment.
The Fortune Cookie Episode w/ Pilot Jones
2017 Mar 1633m 19s
She fuses Hip Hop Culture w/ Pastry Fortune Cookies, She DJ's, She makes beats.....We talk about the upbringing & inspiration behind her business The Unfortunate Cookie
The Digital Artist episode w/ Kimmiski Art
2017 Feb 271h 2m 41s
This episode was a very interesting gaze into the mind of an artist. We discussed the "Culture", Aspirations, music & inspiration, I really enjoyed this one.
The Survival Episode w/ RapALot's Mike Prince
2017 Feb 211h 3m 5s
In this Episode with Mike Prince we discuss Music, Community Service, being Self-Driven & Choices amongst other gems being dropped.
The Accessories Episode w/ Zara Chioma
2017 Feb 0124m 58s
In this Episode, we speak on Zara's transition into fashion, from crafting accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, & earrings, to the handbag side of the complimentary pieces. We also indulge in her influences in the fashion world, as well as Her taste in music. World, She is on the rise.
The Renaissance Woman Episode w/ Chastity Smith
2017 Jan 181h 9m 24s
In the Episode we explore the structured upbringing & unconventional approach to life experienced by Chastity Smith. We also explore the different goals & initiatives Chastity has in store.
The TimePiece Episode w/ Hal Martin of Hal Martin's Watch and Jewelry Co.
2016 Dec 121h 1m 34s
In this Episode we discuss Timepieces to the "T", Passion, Taste, Style, Quality, Prestige,Music, & most importantly Hal Martin's ability to create a Houston Gem (no pun intended) of a Global force, out of a Hobby. This Episode is filled with Jewels.