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Two friends talking about nerd life, all the latest and greatest nerd news, and trying to answer the questions you've always had about your favorite super heroes and super villains, and much MUCH more! Tune in weekly to hear our latest uploads.


H&H Episode 3: Two Stars Fade and New Star Shines
2020 Sep 111h 14m 16s
What new has dropped from Nintendo for the 35th anniversary of Mario?   What we are most excited about!  In this episode we pay homage to 2 great creators who have recently left us, Joe Ruby, the creator of Scooby-Doo, and Chadwick Boseman.  What does this mean for the Black Panther franchise going forward?  Our thoughts on Shuri taking the mantle.  We review Get Duked, discuss Cobra Kai, and Emily's Science Lab.  Last but not least we talk about some of our favorite more obscure heroes.  Tune in this week for all this and more!
H&H Episode 2: When Heroes Ruin your week
2020 Sep 041h 6m 14s
On this episode we talk about everything from theorizing about the Gotham youth to Wonder Woman's new canon weapon.  What would the day in the life of two regular guys living in Gotham be like? Tune in to find out!
H&H Episode 1: Dating In The Legion Of Doom
2020 Aug 2851m 20s
*Warning: Not For Kids*
Welcome to Heroes & Henchmen
2020 Aug 041m 1s
It's about two friends talking about nerd life. How to raise your kid nerdy without throwing them in the deep end of spawn comics and which Elric brother is the best alchemist. Some of the cool but weird ways that we have met people through comic-con and our hobbies. Sometimes arguing about which Robin was the best for Batman, and who was the worst. Whos the biggest boy scout Superman or Captain America. Who knows we might even have a guest or two. Tune in next week.
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