Healthy Living With Nicole
  • Nicole Footman
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As a Healthy Living Advisor and self-employed in the Wellness Industry for 20 years. I have helped many people on their wellness journey live there best life and be free from sickness. We will discuss living a healthy lifestyle, new trends in Vegan foods, Eco-Friendly Home Products, Nutrition, Gardening, Travel, Fitness and more! Support this podcast:


Time for Spring Cleansing!
2021 Mar 285m 12s
Home should be our haven, but it is also where we can discharge some of our most negative emotions. And what about all the other people around us who are also “contributing” their energy? Knowing that our actions and habits as well as our thoughts, emotions, intentions and words can affect our environment energetically is one of the first steps towards taking responsibility for what we are creating around us.
Guided Imagery for a Test
2021 Jan 2211m 14s
This guided imagery will prepare you for your test. Not only will you feel energized, confident and relax but also you will pass the exam.
Junk foods and why you should not eat it.
2021 Jan 207m 21s
I will discuss junk foods and what is does to the body when you eat it.
Depression and how to overcome it.
2021 Jan 134m 41s
Depression is something that everyone experience at one point in our lives. Here will show you how to identify depression when help is needed and how to manage it.
10 Benefits of being alone Part 2
2020 Dec 307m 13s
Being alone is taking the time to reset and take time to quiet the mind and relax. Not only is it great for your mental health but you will also learn a lot about what you like about yourself.
Meditation Mondays
2020 Dec 143m 59s
Dealing with stress and anxiety is often a heavily overlooked health issue, yet nevertheless one that can be very serious. Exposure to prolonged stress can lead to depression as well as a hoard of physical symptoms of illness, which is why it is important to deal both with stress and with anxiety early on.
The 10 Benefits of being alone.
2020 Dec 097m 39s
I am saying that once you learn to enjoy being alone, you’re going to grow as a person.
You are what you eat!
2020 Dec 0215m 18s
This episode is about being conscious about the foods you are eating. It discusses the habit of eating process foods and what its doing to your body. And when you eat the right foods how it add year's to your life.
Staying on track during the holidays.
2020 Nov 2511m 59s
11 setback recovery tips
10 Techniques to release stress and anxiety..
2020 Nov 1116m 24s
Here are a few simple and natural ways to relax, relate and release stress. You can apply these steps daily to be happier and stress free!