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"I'm somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther." -Dwight Schrute On the Secret Weapon Podcast, Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim from Fighting Stripes will be talking about all things NBA, NFL, and hit TV series "The Office". Tune in each week to hear all the basketball and football analysis you need with a tinge of Michael Scott flavored humor. Now enough of this description and go listen to the latest pod! "Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick." -Kevin Malone Support this podcast:


Secret Weapon STOP AAPI HATE (feat. JoshSpice)
2021 Apr 061h 42m 18s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are joined by a very special guest, Joshua Lee (aka Josh Spice). On this special episode our Secret Weapon duo brought Josh on to talk about his love for the New York Knicks, Asian-American voices in media, Asian-American representation, and the practical measures we can take to support the fight against AAPI hate. You won't want to miss this one!
Secret Weapon NFL Free Agency
2021 Mar 251h 25m 22s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are back to talk about the madness of NFL Free Agency. Our hosts dive deep into the spending spree of the Patriots, what their favorite teams have been able to accomplish, and how much the Deshaun Watson situation has taken a turn for the worst. They also did a short segment of three NBA topics and closed with some stories from Andrew and his experiences working in the food industry and getting the Covid vaccine. This is a jam packed episode that you wont want to miss!
Secret Weapon Second Half NBA Preview
2021 Mar 111h 33m 15s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are back from vacation to talk about all things NBA. This week they go into a deep dive of the Sixers and Joel Embiid's run for MVP, AD's health and how it may decide the fate of the Lakers, the delightful New York Knicks, whether or not Utah has enough to make some noise in the Western Conference, and the beauty of the latest version of James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets. Tune in to hear all of this and much more.
Secret Weapon Episode 16
2021 Feb 121h 18m 30s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are back from a brief hiatus to talk about the Super Bowl. They dive into the Tom Brady legacy, why Pat Mahomes has nothing to be sorry for, the improvements the Chiefs need to make to make it back to the top, and whether or not Gronk is the greatest Tight End to ever play the game. They also discuss the league-wide Quarterback carousel, fake trades with the Colts, and why Albert is pumped for the future of the Jets. At the tail end they touch upon the MVP-caliber season Lebron is having, the frisky Knicks, and much more. Andrew also shares some exciting personal news and Albert talks about some future projects he's working on.
Secret Weapon X Shim and Shin
2021 Jan 212h 17m 41s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are joined by the Shim and Shin Podcast. They start off by talking about the history of the Shim and Shin pod, the inspiration behind it, and their plans for the future. Afterwards, they broke down the 2021 Lakers and how they stack up against former Laker dynasties from the last two decades. They also get into the James Harden trade to Brooklyn, Philadelphia's early success, Christian Wood's claim as a top 5 Center in the league, and a potential Knicks-Kings trade. At the end the guys share their picks for the NFL's Conference Championship weekend. This pod is jam-packed with hot takes and you won't want to miss any of them! Also, please stay safe and healthy out there!
Secret Weapon Episode 14
2021 Jan 131h 52m 3s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are back breaking down a ton of the early NBA action. They take some time to talk about how Adam Silver and the NBA as a whole have handled the Global COVID19 Pandemic and keeping the players safe. They also break down a couple of teams that have stood out to them before bringing back Westchester Drew again to talk more about trading cards and some updates on the market. On the tail end they close with Albert speaking some sense to Knick fans and bidding farewell to the bandwagon fans. This is a jam-packed episode and one you wont want to miss. We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these times!
Secret Weapon- TRADING CARDS
2021 Jan 051h 30m 24s
Fighting Stripe's Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are back with special guest Westchester Drew to talk about the wild world of trading cards. They talk about the sudden spike in interest and hype, the best cards and packs to invest in, the cards you should look into before the hype, and how you can get your hands on packs of cards. After their segment with Westchester Drew, Andrew and Albert come back to talk some NFL and early impressions of the NBA. Happy New Year to all from the Secret Weapon Pod family!
Secret Weapon Pod Episode 12
2020 Dec 222h 26m 2s
Fighting Stripes' Albert Ghim and Andrew Kim are back to give you a thorough breakdown for the upcoming 2020-2021 NBA season. They cover the best teams to watch on illegal streams, their picks for Pre-Season MVP, House of Highlights MVP of the upcoming year, and a top to bottom breakdown of every division. Andrew harps on his confidence in the Lakers, and Albert tries his best to find hope in New York with his Knicks. If you're excited for the upcoming season and you need to catch up before the action starts, you won't want to miss this one.
Secret Weapon Episode 11
2020 Dec 101h 40m 7s
"If I don’t have some cake soon, I might die.” – Stanley Hudson
Secret Weapon Episode 10
2020 Dec 031h 48m 41s
“Sometimes the clothes at Gap Kids are just too flashy.” – Angela Martin