The Alternative Financier
  • Yusuf Chris West
2 episodes
The Alternative Financier is a platform dedicated to promoting ethical financing solutions that combat the economic imbalance within Black & minority communities. We engage industry practitioners and scholars to understand how the finance sector is transforming to become more ethical and conducive to societal needs.


The US Banking System Has Failed Us | A Critical Review of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis | Protect Black Wealth | Ep. 1
2020 Aug 1528m 53s
In this episode, we review the US Subprime Mortage crisis from the lense of Blackamericans. First, we cover how the US banking system has discriminated against minorities by blocking them from utilizing government subsidies loan programs. Then we cover how the banking system, after allowing minorities access, targeted them using predatory sales tactics and products. Finally, we cover an alternative solution that would have prevented such atrocities and would be more conducive to empowering communities and protecting Black wealth.
Introduction to The Alternative Financier
2020 Aug 0210m 18s
This first episode introduces who I am, why I created this platform and the vision moving forward.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.