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An ode to our ID, talking about any and everything


Episode 17
2021 Apr 261h 5m 4s
Good day! We come at you with the next episode! This week we talk about weird Tesla settings, Toxic positivity, and some other thangs. Just a heads up we will be taking a little break, so there will be no new episode in two weeks. Please. Don't forget to be kind to one another.
Episode 16
2021 Apr 1254m 58s
Greetings all. The tired monster came and smacked Chris all up in the face so this episode was a unique one lol. This weeks episode we talk about physical ticks, responding to messages, and we dip a little into the Derek Chauvin case. As always, thank you for listening. Stay Well.
Episode 15
2021 Mar 281h 5m 22s
HEY FOLKS! Coming at you with more of our random funtimes.  With a very special story to end the episode, that involves chris, a slurpee and poor decisions. Come down stay awhile. And as always, thank you for listening.
Episode 14
2021 Mar 141h 7m 25s
Greetings ALL! Here is the next episode coming at you. This week we talk about things that annoy us, daylight savings, and a bunch of other random crap as always. Sit back and enjoy my friends.
Episode 13
2021 Mar 011h 8m 9s
Greetings and Salutations! Coming at you with a new episode. Kevin lets us all know what he is having, Chris shares his experience of guesting on another Podcast. And of course. Chaos, derails, and spontaneity ensue. Please be kind to one another.
Episode 12
2021 Feb 151h 4m 47s
Greeting listeners. We come to you this week talking about the frailty of our parents, Valentines day, and domestic violence. Please folks you are or know someone who needs help. There are resources out there. You are no alone.
Episode 11
2021 Feb 011h 44m 27s
Greetings and salutations all. We come to you today with the return of of favourite, and least favourite guest ;) Daniel.  Of course Chris talks about his Peloton because he has become that guy. Also, we touch a little on dating, dating shows from the early 2000's as well as some of the reddit memestocks of the last week. Thank you all who tune in every week and sit through this chaos.
Episode 10
2021 Jan 181h 4m 8s
Kind of a short one today... We say this a lot, but thank you all who listen every week, every once and awhile, every third Tuesday on your cousin baby mama side. Thank you. But as for this week, we talk a little about the incident at the Capitol, feeling better post covid, and Chris shares an story about a very eventful birthday party he went to as a kid.
Episode 9
2021 Jan 041h 31m 43s
Hey folks few audio issues throughout but big news being dropped today. Family upgrades, dealing with the VID, and other slightly life altering things. Neither one of us were feeling well, so we thank you as always for taking the time out to listen.
Episode 8
2020 Dec 211h 32m 58s
Merry Christmas, Happy, Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah , and very very very Happy Holidays. This episode we talk a lot about Christmas, holiday traditions, and end talking about Finales of some really go television shows. We also give a shout out to our friend Shelley who took her own life one year ago. BE kind to one another. You never know the storm raging on inside of someone else.