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Time spent drinking beers and attending gigs has created what is now known as The L.E.S. – an independent platform for music podcasts. The L.E.S. boys are everymen music fans, having the conversations all music heads have down the pub, at the gig or deep in the sofa in the early hours of the morning. Hosted by James Bain, Alexander Davies and Callum MacHattie, the pod proves the verve of British music is as impactful as ever. Turning hot air into energy, The L.E.S. conversation flows through the album making process, the important gigs of the moment and chats with the bands flying our flag.


EP12 | In Conversation w Kit Trigg
2021 May 071h 16m 29s
We are joined by Kit Trigg this week for a mindblower of a chat. Kit has just signed with Universal and chats to the boys following a trip to the states and a session in Joshua Tree. He talks to us about his new album that's deep rooted in blues rock and groove, and what the state of his new tour will look like. There's some funny stories about a book shop in there too.
EP11 | In Conversation w Gecko and The Bee
2021 Mar 301h 12m 46s
In the second instalment of The L.E.S. In Conversation With, the boys chat with up and coming folk artist Gecko and The Bee. Since her beginnings in Dorset, she's toured the pub scene and won the OpenMic UK competition where she was exposed to some big industry decisions. In between that she's released several EP's, moved to London and tried making it on the festival circuit. With The L.E.S. being a big advocate of indie musicians, this was a great chat into the make up of the British independent scene.
EP10 | In Conversation w Young Garbo
2021 Mar 151h 34m 16s
The L.E.S. take on their first interview with Cardiff's very own Young Garbo. Joined by Owain (Vocals) and Arwel (Lead Guitar), The L.E.S. and Young Garbo chat about the band's beginnings in venues like The Moon, to line-up changes, playing for Alan McGee and recording in their very own studio barn. Of course, The L.E.S. is about more than just seriousness and the Young Garbo boys bring plenty of laughter to the table.
EP9 | 2020 in Review
2021 Jan 031h 4m 13s
The boys sum up what has been a year of mixed emotions. No gigs and festivals to enjoy, but we did see the birth of The L.E.S. At the end of our first year as a platform, we round things up with a barroom chat filled with reflection, laughs and promises of the future. There's no more fitting way to see out the year than with a classic L.E.S. chat about British tunes.
EP8 | Desert Island Discs
2020 Dec 1745m 49s
This week's episode and playlist centres round a classic challenge. 9 songs that act as lads' ultimate picks, were they to be stuck on a desert island. 6 of those picks are group choices and represent some funny stories in The L.E.S. history. The other 3 are individual picks, with the lads picking their ultimate song to help them survive island life. This is a funny walk down memory lane as the boys introduce you further into their world.
EP7 | Room 101
2020 Nov 2559m 52s
The boys air out their laundry this week and berate their most hated aspects of music. They each pick a song, an artist and a miscellaneous subject to lock away in Room 101. Some are obvious, some are controversial, but all of them are justified by the lads in what makes for a funny discussion. Agree or disagree, let us know what you would put in Room 101 on our insta: @the.l.e.s
EP6 | Women's Representation in the Music Industry: Fan and Artist
2020 Nov 011h 11m 28s
This week is all about women. The boys reflected on some voice notes sent in by our women friends that outlined the major flaws in British music culture. Holly, Caitlin, Mari and Amelia spoke about the times they've felt failed by British music and were left feeling intimidated, unheard and under-appreciated. James, Alexander and Cal spoke about their male privileges and responsibilities in response, to hopefully communicate the ways us men can improve in making women feel included and heard in music.
EP5 | Mercury Prize 2020
2020 Oct 021h 47m 18s
Having to make do with Zoom again, the boys take an extensive look at 2020's Mercury Prize. As Britain's most prestigious awards ceremony, Bain, Al and Callum take some time to explain what makes it so special: the judging panel, previous winners and the cultural impact it has on artists. Then they go deep into the class of 2020 - analysing all 12 of this year's shortlisted albums and arguing their favourites.
EP4 | Rick Rubin
2020 Sep 041h 13m 9s
The L.E.S. boys take a deep dive into the catalogue of the world's most prolific producer, Rick Rubin. Chronicling his career through the decades: the dawn of Def Jam and B-Bop records in the 80's, RHCP madness in the 90's, pop dominance of the 00's and the diverse depths of 10's the boys pick out their stand-out career moves from the bearded wizard and uncover the sheer breadth of his brilliance. When the Rubin history lesson is done, the boys scramble their brains and pick two artists - past or present - that they would team with Rick in the halls of Shangri La.
EP3 | Government Funding and Saving Live Music
2020 Jul 3148m 51s
The boys respond to the Government Arts grant and what it means for the future of live music. They chat about all of the innovative ways the music industry has responded to the pandemic: Alternative live shows, funding schemes to pay venue overheads and ways of cheating the streaming system. As per usual, the boys support the little guy by shouting out some of the best venues Cardiff and Bristol has to offer and what their supporters can do to help, as well as calling out Spotify for mistreating bands of the future and what we want to change in order to keep music flowing.