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stoner thoughts (smokers club)
2021 May 031h 56m 49s
so if you been following me on it you all know I started a new segment I like to call stoner thoughts whole intro and everything anyway I wanted to turn a smoke sesh with the fam into a pod called the smokers club this is that attempt via a  Facebook group chat edited version coming asap
A Tale from Senpai
2021 Mar 1931m 28s
from the garden of the temple enjoying the sun a quick tale from senpai #lethalspitgaming
tales from the shaolin temple vol 5
2021 Jan 2631m 30s
I'm back almost but y'all know I still smoking keeping grinding through the bs
tales from the shaolin temple
2020 Sep 2025m 28s
tales from the shaolin temple vol 3
2020 Sep 0831m 52s
my nba2k21 review and overall takes on the current status of this game and the "consoles wars"
tales from the shaolin temple vol2
2020 Aug 3138m 34s
4th & 10 podcast episode 3
2020 Jul 232h 1m 33s
this is the 3rd instalment of the 4th & 10 podcast where we touch on everything from the bubble to entanglements
tales from the shaolin temple ep.2
2020 Jul 1237m 34s
should have been done , red dead online rant
4th & 10 podcast ep"2"
2020 Jun 301h 15m 41s
the official "2nd"  4th&10 podcast
tales from the shaolin temple
2020 Jun 1629m 9s
in what started as a lethal minute became something of a narration of me for me i will no longer think about recording i will jjust do it i wont let fear stop me any more i hope you enjoy. to see the video version