• Jane Botard Cross
9 episodes
Strong women honoring God with their wellness.


I can’t find me!
2021 Apr 0513m 11s
Have you ever found yourself lost? Not physically but mentally or emotionally. Let’s talk it out.
Hang on to Jesus
2021 Jan 2615m 39s
Sometimes, things can sneak up on us and take hold before we even realize. Don’t let your guard down. Hang on the Jesus for your LIFE.
The day after
2020 Nov 049m 13s
We may not know who won the election but we can rest assured that God is still on the throne!
What are you?
2020 Oct 2914m 11s
We are all different. We come from different backgrounds, different nationalities and different colors BUT God created you just the way you are for a purpose!
You want me to do what God?
2020 Oct 2713m 53s
You are equipped and created for a purpose. Go live it out.
Yes you can!
2020 Oct 2211m 27s
There is no “I can’t” in Jesus! You have the resurrecting power living inside of you sis.
Love your man!
2020 Oct 219m 46s
Our marriages and relationships are important and we need to make them a priority and not take them for granted.
2020 Oct 209m 45s
Block out the noise of the world around you and focus on the one true Voice. He has created you for a purpose..today.
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