Just Do Everything
  • Chad Jo Peterson
8 episodes
The Just Do Everything Podcast is one guy trying to Hold himself accountable for all the ideas he has going on in his head, Voice Over mainly, and the fear and procrastination that goes with pursuing your dreams! Join me on my journey.


Just do everything update - 6/14
2019 Jun 149m 33s
Just doing everything has been a stressful endeavor, trigger massive anxiety and master depressive spells. But that’s ok! It has been a great learning experience - I hope you’ll take the time to catch up with me in today’s episode, as I talk dirty audiobooks, podcasts I’ll be part of and more! It’s all here, on the Just Do Everything podcast.
Rates Rant: VO Community Double-Talk
2019 May 235m
VO rates are always a hot topic in the community. In today’s episode, I focus on a conversation I heard about demanding top rates, but not supporting the rest of the creative service industry the same way they demand they be paid, by using Canva.Com instead of paying a graphic designer. I play devils advocate to this in this episode. The VO community is filled with amazing people that are super supportive, but sometimes you’ll run into charlatans and double-talk. I like to rant about that.
I’m back! Time away, and where I am today
2019 May 234m 21s
Redefining what this cast will be about since I slacked on it for so long! I’ll be ranting more and more about everyday life dealings, especially as a voice over artist! I hope you’ll join along.
Just Do Everything: Fear
2018 Feb 214m 50s
In this episode I talk my recent interview, selling jam at the Cookoo’s Nest, and how fear is holding me back from launching my website.
first podcast of the year, wha
2018 Feb 134m 59s
So I’ve been slacking! Get your update as to what’s been goin on. I promise I’ll be back more.
JDE - what a week!
2017 Dec 294m 57s
Last week I got two audio books and started out on voices123 - it’s been a jam packed week of learning, auditioning and networking!
Accountability for 12/18
2017 Dec 195m
We talk how last week went with trying to grow a database and my first audiobook! And, we look ahead to this week and what it will bring.
Ep 1 - Just Do Everything
2017 Dec 054m 26s
Hi! This is Just Do Everything Podcast
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