• Brianna Bowers
11 episodes
The podcast where we talk about whatever the beep we feel like.


What the Beep S2:E1 Generations
2020 Apr 1644m 20s
Join me with Joe a Merlino and Josie Barr as we travel through several generations and discuss poignant and historical memories.
What the Beep S1:E9 Joe Merlino Returns
2020 Feb 1829m 37s
Joe and I take it up to date with our music and Joe tells some stories of his old friend and band mate Cecil West.
What the Beep S1:E8 Valentine’s Day
2020 Feb 1515m 15s
Gooch and I discuss Valentine’s Day and share some loooove stories.
What the Beep S1:E7 Sleepy Hahas w/ Ryan Gooch Nelson
2020 Feb 0929m 48s
Gooch and I talk about documentaries, dreams, and more after midnight, so watch out- it could get crazy! Obviously.
S1:E6 Music Stories with Joe
2020 Jan 3133m 24s
Joining our episode today will be my dear friend and the very talented Joe Merlino. Listen as Joe tells about his past experiences as a musician and throws in some interesting stories, including a Jimi Hendrix concert and chatting it up with Jerry Douglas.
What the Beep S1:E5 SeaWorld w/ Papa Murphy
2020 Jan 1226m 8s
Special Guest Papa Murphy and I come to you from SeaWorld in Orlando to share our vacation, video games, and a new music artist.
What the Beep S1:E4 Orlando
2020 Jan 1015m 45s
Quick update on my first day in Florida where I accidentally incriminate myself as an anti-social introvert.
What the Beep S1:E3 Winter Blues
2019 Dec 2913m 6s
I cry over the winter blues and discuss my past struggles to achieve better balance in life.
What the Beep S1:E2 Fuuutuurrre
2019 Dec 2313m 35s
Ryan Gooch Nelson and I discuss a variety of topics as we realize we have arrived in the future.
What the Beep S1:E1
2019 Dec 2115m 56s
I, Beep McGriddle, host the first episode of my series What the Beep with guest Mr. Voidman and Mr. Slim Design.