• Decanting Life
8 episodes
Wine down with aspiring connoisseurs Bella and Tue as they sample a new bottle and catch up on life every Wednesday.


Ep. 8 | Hall Ranch Zinfandel 2018 | Yet Another Red
2020 Nov 1557m 57s
Bella and Tue went live on Instagram all the way from LA in this special episode where Tue finds out that zinfandels are a type of grape, Bella continues to deny her inner Koreaboo, and the two talk recap the election anxiety from the past two weeks.
Ep. 7 | Grifone Chianti Riserva 2015 | Going Out with a Bang
2020 Nov 021h 5m 39s
It's been a rough week, month, year, and life as the duo are back at it ranting about work-related incidents, why curly fries taste different than regular fries, and every form of dance.
Ep. 6 | Game of Thrones Chardonnay 2018 | Not as Disappointing as Season 8
2020 Oct 251h 10m 18s
This episode goes off the rails when Tue makes a bizarre observation about the wine, Bella goes in deep with her physical features, and the two laugh about the meme-ability of Bella.
Ep. 5 | DAOU Discovery Rosé | Can Boys Just Go Away?
2020 Oct 181h 14m 49s
After spending a weekend together, Bella and Tue recap their adventures, celebrate Bella's new job, confront the possibility of death, and uncover scary revelations all in this episode.
Ep. 4 | Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon | Happy Red-tober!
2020 Oct 121h 8m 22s
At long last, Bella and Tue dive into red wines as they talk about escape rooms, having friends of the opposite sex, and must-have skills.
Ep. 3 | Twirl Moscato 2017 | Mo' Problems, Mo' Scato
2020 Oct 041h 17m 47s
This week was as sweet as the Moscato we had, where Bella and Tue talked about the start of their careers, how they met, and the regrets they had about shooting their shot.
Ep. 2 | Mionetto Prosecco Doc Treviso Brut | Prosecc yourself before you wreck yourself
2020 Sep 271h 11m 23s
Listen as Bella and Tue get drunk off of champagne to talk about the best ice cream spots in Southern California, perspectives on dating/hanging out, and Trader Joe's cheeses/reds.
Ep. 1 | Dr. Loosen Bros Riesling 2019 | Meet Bella and Tue!
2020 Sep 201h 15m 57s
In this episode, Bella and Tue sip on a nice sweet riesling while sharing their first experiences with alcohol, courting potential sponsors, and remembering their craziest moments.
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