• Jonathan Sparks
3 episodes
Entrepreneurship is a double edged sword: it’s the most rewarding but also the most difficult “job” available. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find people that understand the throws of entrepreneurship, because most people clock in at a 9-5 with a steady paycheck, get 4 weeks of vacation time a year, and society as a whole completely supports that lifestyle. Our success as business owners is severely limited by our mindset, and the average personal growth of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So, what do we do if we don’t know anyone that knows entrepreneurship? We build a community: The Authentic Entrepreneur podcast is the community we are all longing for. We do not hold back. We go deep, here. We get to the meat of the successes and struggles of being an entrepreneur, and air out mistakes and vital lessons so that you can grow your company faster and more successfully! Join us, we need your unique talent and perspective! Go team go!


Who is Amy Fuchs?
2020 Apr 1533m 4s
Amy Fuchs, from InFocusPlus and FamilyHomesGa, discusses her business plan for her company and what she uniquely offers in the entrepreneurial world.
What does Gabrielle Mills do?
2020 Mar 2529m 38s
Gabrielle Mills and Jonathan Sparks sit down and discuss entrepreneurship and how both of them take lead in their own personal business ventures!
Learning about Ali Salimi!
2020 Mar 1132m 4s
Jonathan Sparks sits down with Ali Salimi, co-founder of The Auto Accident Attorney Group. They discuss how everything started, where it brought them, and where they are now because of stepping into the authentic entrepreneurial role.
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