The Promiscuous Scholar ft. Lady SOULdja
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This show goes through a myriad of topics that range from anime to revolution and everything in between. Sometimes it's serious, but even though an attempt to find humor in the pain sought after. Come and be a part of the journey. Support this podcast:


S1E1 The Premier
2020 Oct 2440m 37s
This is the premier broadcast of The Promiscuous Scholar Podcast ft. Lady SOULdja. Today we discuss why I named this podcast the way I did as well as the challenges I'm facing as far as branding. Another topic of discussion surrounds the differences in the quality of education in America today vs what it was a century ago, and some reflections on the upcoming elections in America.
Intro to The Promiscuous Scholar
2020 Oct 1348s
Lady SOULdja from BTR infamy has returned to the podcasting world. Still on her mission to enjoy her melanated entity life experience of planet Earth!
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