Doing it God's Way!
  • Jenica Walcott
8 episodes
My journey to understanding the perks of life and how to simply turn not only the good things into a story but also the things that come to unexpectedly knock us down from becoming successful. My episodes will cover many interesting topics and ultimately highlight my journey as a Christian woman.


2021 Apr 286m 17s
Equipped To Persevere
2020 May 3011m 17s
Things that were meant to break us, to knock us down and to hinder us from fulfilling purpose  can only make us stronger!!!!  Please be blessed!!
Unafraid: Part 2
2020 May 285m 5s
We may have many fears but we can definitely use God's word to combat fear!!!
Unafraid: Part 1
2020 May 284m 49s
Unworthy But Saved
2020 May 275m 2s
Have you ever felt as if you have sinned so much that you found it challenging to commit to a relationship with Christ? Well it is God's desire for us all to be saved!!!! He loves us so much! Please Enjoy!!!
Born To Serve
2020 May 2711m 29s
What's it like to serve? Maybe you can think about many ways in which we can be servants! Serving brings joy to our lives, we create amazing connections and we also become humble. Please be blessed and inspired!!!
You Are More Valuable Than You Think : P2
2020 May 226m 13s
In this episode, I listed a few more reasons as to why we may often feel less! We should ultimately believe what God says about us! Please do enjoy!!
You Are More Valuable Than You Think : P1
2020 May 226m 41s
We can perhaps list many reasons as to why we may not feel worth it at times but we are indeed worth it! Please be blessed!
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