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Privacy Pros is an interview podcast produced by DPOrganizer. We take a step back from the day-to-day of privacy professionals to share stories and perspectives, talk about the ups and downs of the role and reflect on how it's changed over the years.


Episode 5 - Egil Bergenlind
2020 Aug 0726m 17s
In the final episode of the first season, we summarise our learnings from the chats with Caroline, Steve, Tash and Alexander. The limelight is then put on Egil, who is the founder of DPOrganizer. We talk about how the company got started, and the challenges we faced during the GDPR deadline hype in 2018.
Episode 4 - Alexander Hanff
2020 Jul 3138m 29s
As one of the industry's most bullish professionals, Alexander Hanff applies a no-compromise philosophy when consulting companies, as well as when he lobbies for stricter privacy regulations on behalf of individual's everywhere. We chat about how he got into the industry, how to tackle the power of big tech, and reasons to be optimistic about the future of privacy.
Episode 3 - Tash Whitaker
2020 Jul 2435m 10s
Tash is one of the more vocal contributors in the privacy community, and a strong advocate for a pragmatic approach on privacy consultancy. We discuss her approach to lifelong learning and keeping up with the industry, and the ways she embeds herself into the companies she works with to deliver impactful advice.
Episode 2 - Steve Wright
2020 Jul 1733m 35s
Steve is one of the most seasoned privacy pro’s out there, with 20 years in the field and titles like Chief Privacy Officer at Unilever and DPO for the Bank of England. We caught up with him to talk about how the role has changed, and the role risk plays in privacy – as well as listen to some anecdotes from his many years of experience.
Episode 1 - Caroline Olstedt Carlström
2020 Jul 1032m 26s
Caroline Olstedt Carlström is one of Sweden’s foremost advocates of data protection and privacy. We talked about what it was like to work in privacy in the early 2000s, and Caroline shares some advice about how to bring change and have an impact in organisations.
Trailer - Privacy Pro's
2020 Jul 091m 19s
Privacy Pro's is a new interview podcast, produced by DPOrganizer. Join us to hear industry voices talk about their experiences of working in the field, and where they see their role heading.
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