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Interprofessional collaboration is a newer idea in healthcare. It is the belief that patients, practitioners, and students work and learn better from, with, and about each other by working as a team. IPE 10x10 is a digestible look into interprofessional practice (IPP) and education (IPE). The goal is to break this large concept down into digestible, bite-sized, info bits. Speaking with those who work in IPP and IPE about what it is, why it works, and how it's implemented.


An Interprofessional SUD Curriculum
2021 May 0412m 56s
Dan Melnick of the IU School of Education has partnered with Alex Buchanan of the IU Interprofessional Practice and Education Center to create a unique program offered to students of education and all health care professions. In this episode, Dan takes us through creating the program, how they choose programming, and why this is an important piece of the puzzle created by substance use disorder. Presented by the Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center
Accessing Naloxone Online
2021 Apr 2712m 32s
Katherine Pope of the Indiana Center for Rural Engagement brought Antonia Sawyer of the Indiana-based, non-profit, ShipHappens on board to create easy access to Naloxone training for Hoosiers. On this episode of IPE 10x10, we dive into what the Indiana Center for Rural Engagement does and how its partnership with ShipHappens began.
Working in Recovery
2021 Apr 2011m 29s
Jackie Daniels is a licensed clinical social worker and the VP of Community Relations at the Indiana Center for Recovery. She joins IPE 10x10 to share how the ICR treats patients and how working in recovery can help those who are recovering. We also take a few minutes to talk about the stigma of addiction and how it can be harmful to those trying to get better.
Using Public Policy and Education to Confront Stigma
2021 Apr 1312m
Brandon George rejoins IPE 10x10 to talk about the work he does with the Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition (IAIC) and Mental Health America of Indiana to confront the stigma associated with substance use disorder. As Director of the IAIC, Brandon oversees education outreach, works with local government officials to create public policy, and lends expertise as to how it affects those suffering from SUD.
Funding the Fight Against SUD
2021 Apr 0611m 48s
Klaudia Wojciechowska is the director of the Indiana State Department of Health's Drug Overdose Prevention Program. As such she is in the unique position of getting funding to a number of different programs which work to battle addiction across the state. She tells us how funding is dispersed, the special set of circumstances that come with these funds, and how they are used in the community to improve the lives of those who live there.
Project ECHO and Its Use in Engaging SUD
2021 Mar 3010m 6s
Andrea Janota is the interim director of the IUPUI ECHO Center at the Richard M Fairbanks School of Public Health. She joins us to talk about all things Project ECHO. In this episode, we cover what Project ECHO is, how it's used, and its role in combating substance use disorder.
Confronting SUD on a University Level
2021 Mar 2311m 27s
How does a university face the challenges of substance use disorder (SUD)? Danielle Wolfe and Ryan Anderson join IPE 10x10 to answer that question. The work they are doing on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, IN has been met with approval from faculty, staff, and students who are battling SUD. Later in the episode, they're joined by Dr. April D. Newton to talk about the All IU Book Read. A first-time event that brought together all nine of IU's campuses to learn and share about SUD.
Understanding the Grand Challenge
2021 Mar 1614m 53s
The Indiana UniversityGrand Challenge: Responding to the Addictions Crisis is a university-funded program designed to combat the effects of substance use disorder in the state of Indiana. How does it do that? And what was the Grand Challenges' impetus? In this episode, Dave is joined by the Dean of the Indiana University School of Nursing and Lead Investigator of the Grand Challenge: Responding to the Addictions Crisis, Robin Newhouse, to learn more about the program and its origins.
A SUD Symposium
2021 Feb 2312m 34s
Substance Use Disorder (SUD) has become one of the most pressing issues around the globe. In Muncie, IN a Ball State University professor began to study the effects of SUD on the community. In this episode, Jean Marie Place joins Dave to discuss the ACDCs (not the band) yearly symposium dedicated to education around SUD.
Healthcare During COVID-19
2020 Dec 1429m 40s
In March of 2020, the coronavirus shut America down. By the end of May it was apparent we were not getting rid of COVID-19 anytime soon. During that time I interviewed five different healthcare professionals and educators about how things had changed during those first three months of the pandemic.