Lmao over cocktails and coffee.
  • Liza
9 episodes
From wetsuit dilemmas to road rage rants, these short snappy stories, told in the moment, will have you... laughing!


Covid countdown... gifts
2020 Dec 1343s
More covid short news
Covid countdown day... whatever
2020 Dec 1343s
30 second shorts of covid tales
Take the Ticket!
2020 Oct 255m 50s
Me and the boys head to France! Told in a noisy pub... apologies for sound quality with the amazing Zoe and Sallyyyyy! 🙌💃🏻
Friday Night Dinner Lockdown Quizz
2020 Oct 251m 42s
Shared with Sinead and Rach at the pub.
Guinea pigs and mum doesn’t laugh at my stupidity.
2020 Oct 2512m 56s
It’s a lockdown zoom call with more tales of daily shenanigans.
Road rage!
2020 Oct 253m 1s
How best to deal with idiot drivers! Told over coffee with Sal and La.
Wetsuit dilemma number 1
2020 Oct 254m 42s
The trouble with wetsuits is.... told by Rajinder over cocktails at The Ivy.... schweedie daarrrling! 💋
Road rage
2020 Oct 2546s
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