• Dan Loewen
10 episodes
Bite Size Truths In Five Minutes Or Less


Guaranteed Results When You Pray
2019 Feb 244m 37s
Here's how you can have guaranteed results every time that you pray...
A Walking Logo
2019 Jan 224m 32s
What exactly does it mean when the Bible talks about Jesus as 'The Word'?
This, This Is Christ My King
2018 Dec 285m 16s
We sing many carols about Jesus, the newborn King, often without a second thought. But beyond singing these familiar lyrics, what are the implications of calling Jesus your King?
Rewatching Our Theology
2018 Nov 283m 29s
Why does the Church tell the same stories (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost etc.) year after year?
We Still Need Boats…
2018 Nov 255m 8s
If Jesus and Peter were able to walk on water, why do we still need boats? What is the point of this story?
Screaming Trees
2018 Sep 213m 39s
Ever wonder what Creation's voice sounds like?
A Jar Full Of Manna
2018 Jul 154m 52s
What's the significance of the jar full of manna?
The Cure For Bitterness
2018 Jul 015m
How do we avoid bitterness when life doesn't meet our expectations?
2018 Jun 265m 3s
Would you ever let someone do all of your worrying for you?
Jesus Is Not An Energy Drink
2018 Jun 254m 59s
What does it mean for Jesus to give us 'Rest' for our souls?
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