• Sasha Sunflowr
8 episodes
A young, black, vegan woman who wanted to create a podcast with purpose. I want to invoke thought, share relatable experiences, show love, and be a safe space. I hope this is one of those things for you! Sending love, always. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sunflowrsays/support


SunflowrSays, “Feel Those Feels”
2020 Aug 2324m 23s
I know it’s a touchy topic but it’s also definitely necessary. We have all them but we all don’t know how properly access them and express them. So in this episode, I speak on how to do just that and some effective ways to create change with how we communicate them. I am in no way an expert however, just a couple tips that I implemented into my life and thought it’d be something insightful to share! Love, love, love you all! Have a revitalizing week, may many blessings come your way!
SunflowrSays, "Family Be Trippin Sometimes."
2020 Aug 0932m 46s
You love em, cherish em, and can't live without em.... or maybe you can. This week I felt like just talking about family, the dynamics that surround them, and how to cope with the ones that you just CAN'T STAND! It's all a work in progress but there's always hope! Thanks for tuning in for another week! I love you all. Sending Peace, Harmony, and Strength to y'all throughout this week.
SunflowrSays, “Be One W/ The Universe.”
2020 Aug 0354m 35s
We all are trying to achieve the goal of “Being Woke”. amiright? and this week i’m accompanied with the astounding “Tyler aka Tyger aka TylerLikesArtNotFashion” etc etc etc. to speak on spiritual awareness, the lifestyle that accompanies it, how one gets to that point, how you maintain and feed it, allaaatt good stuff! We hope you guys enjoy what you hear, hope it plants a seed in your spirit and i’ll see you back next week!!
SunflowrSays, “Fix Ya Mindset.”
2020 Jul 2758m 15s
This week I’m joined with my good friend, Cierra aka SaucyCC, and we delve into Health but mainly Mental Health and all the factors that play into it. We give some advice on how to cope with it and hopefully help change your thinking into a more optimistic way but also still manage to stay grounded in reality. I hope this brings you peace and a couple good laughs. Sending love, peace, and strength your way!
SunflowrSays “Getcho A** Up!”
2020 Jul 1920m 24s
Today’s topic is M O T I V A T I O N. Something that we all need and cannot successfully function in this world without! I chose to speak on this because I was in the position of feeling lost, unmotivated, and hopeless. However, I have since overcame that and although i’m not in the place that I ultimately want to be in, I do feel hopeful that I’m bringing it into fruition. I’m confident that the tips and advice I give in this episode will at least start you on the journey that is already yours and waiting for you. Thanks for tuning in this week. Much love, prosperity and healing to you all!
SunflowrSays “Lets Trip!”
2020 Jul 1337m 32s
This week we tellin’ all the deets on psychedelics. Hehe lettin you know the do’s and dont’s, tips and tricks, personal experiences, ALLAATT! Sending healing, prosperity, and love to you all this week!
SunflowrSays “Stay True To You”
2020 Jul 0633m 36s
This episode I chose to speak on something near and dear to my heart: Black Natural Hair. I’ve had a long journey and just wanted to share some tips and tricks. Also just to educate people who aren’t informed on the experience and how negative portrayals can be damaging to a group of people (black men and women). Thank y’all for tuning in. Can’t wait to see y’all back here next week! Love, Peace, and Healing to all throughout this week!
SunflowrSays “Change.”
2020 Jun 2833m 59s
In my first episode I choose to speak on a topic that is very prevalent in my everyday life as a black woman. I wanted to share my opinion on how we could make a better world for ourselves and give tips on support to the movement, black businesses, just black ppl in an entirety. Thank you for tuning in, see you next Sunday!! Sending you love and great healing through this week.
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