The Monks Of Tiw
  • Fox MacTavish
6 episodes
Monastic life within the context of indo-european paganism.


The Holly King
2020 Dec 216m 26s
Santa Clause is real! Just not in the way you may have thought. This short essay will give you an idea of who Santa really is.
2020 Dec 0425m 57s
A short story about famine.. A look at the historic relationship between people and their food. A call to be more conscious of our relationship to food. Here is a good article on hunting that relates to this show.
Who is Tiw?
2020 Nov 1812m 37s
Who is the Tiw to which the Monks of Tiw are dedicated? Discover the Indo-european sky father.
Emulating Tyr
2020 Nov 1714m 54s
How can we use the story of Tyr and the Fenris wolf to guide our actions in life? What does this story teach us about virtue?
On Snorri and the Eddas
2020 Oct 1611m 22s
The Eddas are the two main sources of Old Norse mythology. Here is a short description of the history and importance of these works.
Tyr and the Fenris Wolf
2020 Oct 1624m 40s
The story of Tyr and the Fenris wolf is a classic of Old Norse mythology. Let's look into this story and see what kind of wisdom it holds.
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