• Mary Susan Buhner
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Welcome to the Mommy Magic Podcast! I am Mary Susan Buhner, Author and TV Family & Lifestyle Segment Host. Most importantly, I’m a mom to three girls! Over the years I have gathered tips and advice… Thanks my kid should know. I recently compiled these life lessons in a book called, “Life’s Little GuideBook: Tips for Leading A Meaningful Life.” During this podcast I will have guests on that give their best advice that help them lead great and meaningful lives. My goal is to personally become a little wiser and have some fun along the way!


Sip, Savor, Repeat! How Owning a Wine Truck Spreads Good Spirits & Cheer!
2021 Apr 2933m 53s
Jenn Kampmeier-Aaron owns the very first independent wine truck in America, Vino Mobile Bar! She talks about the importance of having a mentor, being a good human and how her mobile wine bar spreads good cheer!
Crashing Into Life At Full Speed Featuring Crash Gladys
2021 Apr 0640m 11s
Kicking-Off Season 3...Crash Gladys! Producing and hosting one of the hottest Radio & TV shows in the racing world!! SPEEDFREAKS! It’s a national radio show that airs every Sunday night to wrap up the stories in the weekend of racing… All 52 weeks a year! The “Freaks” have become so incredibly proficient at what they do that racing series and sponsors have hired them to do special events and parties and even TV shows on CBS, NBC sports, Speed Channel, and ESPN, just to name a few! Crash Gladys discusses her career and the importance of Failing Forward and Embracing The Suck! You won't want to miss this episode!
Faith, Family & Finding Your Purpose Featuring Angela Ganote
2021 Mar 2223m 46s
Angela Ganote, WXIN FOX 59's Lead Morning Anchor & 4 Time Winner, discusses her walk in deepening her faith and how it has impacted her daily life in the newsroom and as a mom. She shares her advice and lessons learned along the way to be kinder to herself and lead a life filled with grace.
The Power of Healthy Living Featuring Sara Snow
2021 Mar 1938m 25s
Sara Snow is an Emmy Award Winning documentary producer and TV host. She's an author and international public speaker as well as a certified natural health specialist. In the last few years, Sara applied her knowledge and passion for healthy living to become a certified health coach, life coach and enneagram coach and now works with individuals and groups around the country to help them step into a life of greater health and purpose. To learn more about Sara and her coaching go to sarasnow.com.
What is Harmony & How it Shows Up (or Doesn't)
2021 Mar 1333m 48s
Mental Health Therapist, Scott Sweet, talks about his journey of finding harmony and how learning to suffer well can be a good thing.
A Stroke of Gratitude featuring Sarah Beggs
2021 Feb 0834m 44s
Featured guest, Sarah Beggs, talks about surviving a stroke at the age of 34 while on a family vacation and how it shaped her life and relationships. A mom of three and The Chief of Staff and & Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Indiana University Foundation, Sarah shares her insight on having faith in the midst of the unknown and the power of gratitude.
An Open Discussion on Mental Health Awareness featuring Sherman Burdette
2021 Feb 0348m 59s
Mary Susan & Sherman have an open discussion about Mental Health Awareness. Sherman shares his journey with clinical depression and the important role of self-awareness and seeking help.
The Power of A Strong Support Network featuring Shannon Morris
2021 Jan 2228m 33s
Freedom Staffing Owner & IT Guru Shannon Morris discuss The Power of A Strong Support Network and how it will shape better days in 2021.
Managing Drama featuring Sherman Burdette
2021 Jan 2041m 1s
Sherman Burdette and Mary Susan get real about managing  drama in everyday relationships and the Power of The Pivot!
Why Mindset Matters & How Owning Your 50% Changes Everything featuring CEO Mary Beth Oakes
2021 Jan 1846m 26s
CEO and Entrepreneur Mary Beth Oakes shares her story of why mindset matters and how owning your 50% creates healthy and strong relationships in all areas of your life.