• Saksham Pruthi
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Just 5 guys trying to have intellectual conversations and another guy trying to say he did something during his gap year :P


Just Like Me: Why Do We Care About Sports?
2021 May 091h 15m 37s
Just like many others, we were quite irate when news of the Europa Super League dropped. Although it seems for now that the ESL plans are, thankfully, in the water, the whole controversy inspired us to take a step back and discuss how sports have impacted each and every one of us.
Just Like Me: Small Business vs Big Business
2021 May 0253m 29s
While companies around the world were affected by the pandemic, but small businesses were by far the biggest victim. Listen in as we speak with guest star, Zeeshan Hudda, about the impact the pandemic had on his family business, while also hearing our thoughts about working with big companies as opposed to local ones.
Just Like Me: Crazy Sibling Love
2021 Apr 251h 13m 13s
Siblings sometimes drive us up a wall but that doesn't change how much we love or care for them. Come take a listen as we discuss how our relationships with our siblings have changed over the last few years, while also recalling some of our favorite crazy sibling stories. New episodes every week!
Just Like Me: Exploring Space
2021 Apr 181h 12m 35s
From Elon Musk to Dominic Toretto, it seems that everyone is trying to go to space these days. That is why we sat down with guest, Luis Perez, to talk about his work in Aerospace Technology and discuss what the future of space travel (while also having intense arguments about whether Wall-E is a simp or not) holds. New videos every week on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Anchor, and wherever else you get your podcasts!
Just Like Me: Traveling
2021 Apr 111h 12m 26s
Traveling...do you remember that? In today's episode of Just Like Me, we sit down and speak with Shivam Parikh, commonly referred to as The REAL Mr. Worldwide, to talk about what traveling means to us and what are important things to keep in mind when traveling with friends or by yourself. Come take a listen as we take a deep dive into our favorite travel stories and tips.   3:06: Why We Like Traveling  42:44: Traveling Alone  53:33: Favorite JLM Travel Memory. New videos every week on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Anchor, and wherever else you get your podcasts.
Just Like Me: The Vaccine
2021 Apr 041h 10m 15s
Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 where we kick things off by giving our take on vaccines. From our conversations on the current Covid vaccines to our experiences with anti-vaxxers, come listen as we share our unique, and often unhinged, viewpoints and stories.
Just Like Me 2020 Recap
2020 Dec 281h 7m 2s
With 2020 coming to an end, the 6 of us reminisce on what a crazy year 2020 has been for us. With our first season coming to an end, we just want to thank everyone who showed their support and helped motivate us to continue making "Just Like Me" content. Will we be back for a second season? Here's hoping!
Just Like Me: Mission San Jose
2020 Dec 211h 9m 31s
Mission San Jose High, the place where 6 straight brown guys found each other. Come take a listen as we, along with special guest star, Ali El-Sadany, take a trip down memory lane to our time as Mission San Jose and how its culture has influenced its students.
Just Like Me: Iconic Music
2020 Dec 131h 16m 33s
With special guest star Nikhil Mehta, come take a listen to our deep dive into iconic music from the past decade! Will we introduce you to some new bangers...here's hoping.
Just Like Me: Indian Food Celebration
2020 Dec 061h 6m 21s
Hot dishes and even hotter takes, this episode is filled with debates and laughter as we discuss our favorite Indian delicacies. Will this episode leave you mouth-watering...here's hoping!