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I founded Real time with Nichelle, to give you all a look into my mind ! On this platform we will talk about everything LIFE... the good, bad, ugly,pretty, happy, sad .. THE REAL ! Support this podcast:


4•20 : If you know you know !
2021 Apr 2024m 5s
Happy 4/20 to my stoners ! This Episode is for my stonersThis episode I tell you guys a few stories I’ll touch on what 4/20 is, how I feel about weed and so much more! *None of the music played I have rights to * I do not own rights to any of the music played.
And Again ....
2021 Apr 1311m 23s
Once again another black person killed by police. Insight on the 32 minute Netflix movie “Two Distant Strangers”. SAY HIS NAME : Daunte Wright
2021 Apr 0828m 29s
In today’s episode i touch on body positivity with men and women, also with ill people. Kids and people with disabilities. If you interested TUNE IN !
Let’s Chat ! Ft Bria from She So Opinionated podcast
2021 Mar 291h 32m 34s
In this episode i link up with Bria from “She’s so Opinionated” podcast ! Come tap in with us as we talk “ millennial relationship, friendship break ups, and so much more ! Grab your wine and tap in with us !
Vegas Baby | Anniversary Trip
2021 Mar 2923m 8s
Come on our third year anniversary trip to Las Vegas with me and my boyfriend RJ visual is up on YouTube at Real Time with Nichelle L!
A month dedicated to Women!
2021 Mar 2917m 11s
Ladies ! This is for us ! Happy woman’s month ! Keep being amazing !
2021 Mar 2940m 5s
In this episode we get to meet Divinchi A Baltimore rapper who’s trying to Shine and has all the potential to do so he is doing it right now! Tap in to meet Divinchi. ——————————————Season two will include a “All things Baltimore” segment where I will tap in with people who are from Baltimore, from businesses, Platforms, entrepreneurs, artist, rappers,singers you name it I’m tapping in with them.
Aht Aht ! Put their phone down !! 👀
2021 Mar 2917m 3s
Have you ever went through someone’s phone!? Now where did it get you? Let’s get into this topic!
What are Intrusive thoughts?! Do you have them?
2021 Mar 1126m 36s
In this last bonus episode before we release season 2. I touch on intrusive thoughts and awareness, what they are what they sound like and A few different types also a chime in special guest. My BestFriend Tycorian !!
Chelle Talks Episode 🎀 *Explicit Content*
2021 Feb 2640m 5s
Today’s episode is all Chelle Talks I’m just gonna touch on whats going on in real life, & online. Lori Harvey, Neyo, get into some shit about Meek Mill, touch on the Danilegh situation, traveling in a pandemi & being too hard on yourself. Tune in