• Tangela L. Clayton & Shonda M. Curb
20 episodes
A weekly journey through the heavy weights of life. Questions and topics range from the casual to the profound, as two vessels of clay maneuver through charted and uncharted waters with deep calling out to the deep.


Adjusting to the Shift
2021 Mar 111h 13m 53s
When God is doing something, you have to stop and allow Him to work.
Accepting You
2021 Mar 031h 21m 17s
You are built differently, just accept it.
Misplaced Faith
2021 Feb 241h 1m 59s
Discussion on the storms and other life’s events that show where our faith is at.
Know Who You Follow
2021 Feb 101h 7m 55s
Leaders are out front to be the example for whatever or wherever there is a need or purpose. When you follow a leader, it is assumed that you agree with their purpose/agenda/mission. If not, then why continue to follow?
Checking in with Your People
2021 Feb 041h 10m 2s
We need to do more to check in with the people we love, work with, and/or have on our minds for an extended period of time.
Abandoning Reason
2021 Jan 281h 3m 26s
Having eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear. A heart that has been dulled and a mind that has been twisted.
Wise Counsel
2021 Jan 201h 30m 10s
Listening to your elders will help you go and grow through change. Especially if the elders are speaking truth to your soul
The Survival Mind
2021 Jan 131h 9m 46s
This is a Pastor Steven Furtick inspired conversation based on his sermon from 1/10/2021 titled Comfort Food. You can check his sermon out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qWDj3CGBAU
Recreating the Environment
2021 Jan 071h 2m 52s
Leaders should be mindful of the people (children) that are watching their actions more than listening to what they are saying.
Perverting the Function
2020 Dec 301h 3m 22s
When invasive species attack the organic operation of the family, the affects and effects are catastrophic.