• Deizmond Kelly
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Father... Son... Holy Spirit.... The Holy Trinity, but I simply like to call them, Abba. What Abba Said... is a podcast where we’ll talk about our Abba Father and how his words are the foundation of this crazy, messy, beautiful thing that we call life. Thank you for listening


2020 May 2015m 1s
Where are you seeking validation? Is it from people and things that you’ve made idols of or does the validation you seek come from your Abba Father? In the next episode of What Abba Said... The Podcast we’ll discuss the topic of heavenly vs worldly validation. Can’t wait to share the gems that I’ve received with you!
Carbon Copy
2020 Apr 2919m 29s
Comparison: the quality of similar or equivalent. Let’s be honest... we all compare ourselves to others in some way shape or form. Why do we do it? The reasons are numerous. How do we stop? We give it to God and let him fix it. Easier said than done, but so necessary. However, once you know whose you are, the answer to who you are will be easier to find. Background Music: Greed by Heirik Song of Songs 4:7 You are all together beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
Rona vs Jesus
2020 Apr 1526m 17s
Coronavirus, COVID-19, RO-RO, Rona. No matter the name it is no match for the God that we serve. In this episode we will discuss how this pandemic has taken this country by storm and what we can do as a body of believers to keep the power, love and sound minds that Abba has given us.
Allow Me to Introduce
2020 Apr 0512m 26s
Who? What? When? Why? All the answers you need are here in this small introduction to this Podcast. Thank You for listening.
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