Life in a story
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I believe stories are very powerful. I feel stories have a life of its own, it has a narrative, an emotion and the power to create. This is podcast is an attempt to touch you and inspire you to create something beautiful. Happy listening :)


Episode 04- Strokes from a pen
2020 Jul 185m 40s
This is a story of a boy who stopped something he loved just because of a set of inputs he got from his teacher. Happy listening :)
Episode 03- A night with Kajal
2020 Jun 2714m 1s
Sometimes we need to go through some adversities to realize the beauty and the possibilities in life. This is a story of young teenager's encounter with a lady in an unexpected circumstances, which opens up a spectrum of perspectives and possibilities to his life.
Episode 2- Gaurav & his father
2020 Jun 0620m 19s
Sometimes the story in itself is inspiring and sometimes the inspiration needs to be drawn from the story. This is one such story about a father and son, who have a strained relationship. How a certain circumstance creates an opportunity for them to mend their terms. Hope you like it. Happy Listening :)
Episode 1- A possibility in adversity
2020 May 3012m 34s
This episode tells a story of a young naval trainee who makes the best out of a situation life throws at him.
Life in a story (intro)
2020 May 262m 42s
Hello! this episode is a small story and an intro about how I got inspired to start a podcast. Happy listening :)
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