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A podcast where we dive in classic records and discuss them now. Gangsta Rap and more. Hosted by Dre40oz and Diz Mega.


The Notorious B.I.G. : Life After Death (Disc 1)
2021 May 101h 18m 1s
Today's Episode we talk Shock G's influence, funeral, Spice 1, Ja Rule and Twitter spaces.
Yukmouth : Thug Lord - The New Testament
2021 May 031h 37m 10s
On this episode we dive deep into Yukmouth's 2001, Thug Lord: The New Testament. The album has some of the most gangsta shit you will ever hear! Production on this record is off the hook. Rap-A-Lot was on fire around this time and Yuk was in complete control on this record. After his first album on Rap-A-Lot Records (Thugged Out: The Albulation), how do we score his sophomore effort?
Daniel Jordan : Dark Night Of The Soul - Interview
2021 Apr 2625m 16s
Daniel Jordan in the house! We sit down with the man himself and talk about his new record, Dark Night of The Soul. We go through beats, inspiration and his cover art. Daniel can be heard working with a few legends in his career, from Mac Mall, Esham, Mastamind and even Dolemite.
Mack 10 : The Recipe
2021 Apr 261h 18m 40s
The Rap Throwback dives into Mack 10's "The Recipe" album! This record has hit producers from DJ U-Neek, Rhythm D and more! Mack 10 found his talents on the East, South and the West to make a banging compilation! We check it out, give our thoughts and discuss hip hop in 1998.
Nas: Hip Hop Is Dead
2021 Apr 191h 25m 13s
On this episode of The Rap Throwback, we run through Nas's 2006 record, Hip Hop Is Dead. We talk the producers, the lyrics and the meaning behind the title. Is Hip Hop dead? Was it dead in 2006? As dominant West Coast fans, we give our opinion on this East Coast record.
Eazy-E: 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick
2021 Apr 1234m 58s
It's 1992 and Eazy-E drops 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick! His 2nd effort and it's a Maxi Single. Eazy dropped this album without the help of Dr.Dre as N.W.A. was fresh of splitting up and Death Row was a new unheard of label. With that, we get some dope producers stepping up! Cold187um, Madness4Real and so even Naughty By Nature. We give our thoughts on the record, the cameos and the landscape of gangsta rap. Check it out!
Ruthless - Vs - Death Row - Vol. 1
2021 Apr 051h 2m 36s
In the 90'S, Ruthless Vs. Deathrow was the hottest beef in the rap scene. Both had mega producers, mega rappers and the labels were larger than life. Here's a 10 track playlist of some of our favorite tracks from both camps. Who had the better roster? The dopest tracks?
MC REN: The Villain In Black
2021 Mar 281h 13m 10s
1990-fiiiive, and Compton still up in this muthuphukka! The Rap Throwback dives deep into the Villain In Black by MC Ren. With Cold187um at the helm for much of the dope producing, along with other producers (Dr. Jam, Madness4Real, etc..). Regarded as a classic record from top to bottom, It's got a dark G-Funk vibe and Ren comes hard on this 95 record. Join us as we take a deep dive into the beats, lyrics and our retro review, reaction, and reflection on The Villain In Black.
Spice-1 : 1990-sick
2021 Mar 221h 29m 45s
When you think of Spice-1, you probably think of guns, thugs and weed! Spice-1 is the muscle of the Bay Area, bringing the gangsta flavor to a part of the west coast most known for pimpin and lighter ghetto topics. This is his 4th album and we do a deep dive into the lyrics, producers and ask the question, where does Spice-1 sit among the greats of the Bay?
MC Ren: Kizz My Black Azz
2021 Mar 1548m 58s
In the Summer of '92, MC Run drops his first solo (KIZZ MY BLACK AZZ) on the world. The Rap Throwback revisits and reacts in a deep dive on this classic gangsta record. Records don't hit this hard often, so jump in with us and take a trip through the Villain's Ruthless EP!