The NC NICA Podcast
  • Michael Eastwood and Shawn Moore
8 episodes
The official podcast of the North Carolina NICA league. The focus of this podcast is on coaching and team development and everything we do to get #morekidsonbikes! Topics of discussion will range from NICA practice design and activities to issues concerning managing teams to provide student-athletes with the best NICA experience we can provide. We'll also talk about our GRiT, Teen Trail Corps, and Adventure programs, too! Join us as we explore how best to develop positive, confident adults using mountain biking as our tool of choice and hopefully creating a new generation of lifelong mountain bikers in the process!


Looking into the (near) future
2021 May 0347m 32s
In this episode we look ahead to pre-season coach trainings, coach retreats, the GRiT retreat, and the 2022 NCICL season.
Spring is springing!
2021 Apr 051h 9m 9s
GRiT discussion, Road trip plans, thinking about the 2022 season...
Join us! We want more teammates!
2021 Feb 011h 5m 16s
IntroductionWhat’s your favorite post ride activity? News/Main Topic: Join our Team! (Mike Long)
Trails! Trails! Trails!
2021 Jan 041h 3m 23s
The Season of Adventure!
2020 Nov 021h 2m 53s
Coming Soon! NC NICA Episode 1 teaser
2020 Oct 223m 47s
Coming soon - The NC NICA Podcast! Join us as we present important information about the season, programs, coaching, and all things NC NICA! We'll be joined by NC program directors, coaches and student-athletes from around the state, and NICA sponsors.  Hosted by: Michael Eastwood, NCICL Associate League Director and                           Shawn Moore, NCICL Director of Coaching and Team Development