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  • Chancee Terry
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A space that's held for you to come and find peace. Where you can educate yourself on wellness or just take a moment to breathe and let go! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/chanceespodcast/support


Find Your Happy Place
2020 Apr 1010m 41s
Bring some zen into your life by incorporating essential oils into a daily meditation routine.
Meditation and the Mind Part 2
2020 Mar 0410m 13s
More information on how we are truly in control of how our day goes when we get right down to it. A few ways to experience happiness in our life that has nothing to do with anybody else but us and our mind and our spiritual practice.
Meditation and the Mind
2020 Feb 275m 3s
Every thought creates an experience, let's create more happiness than sorrow by truly focusing on the potential of the mind.
Breath Meditation
2020 Feb 257m 19s
I guide you through a short breath meditation and give you some insight on ways to get started on your meditation journey.
When, where and how to start a meditation practice
2020 Feb 213m 47s
Some tips and info on how to get started with your meditation practice.
Starting a meditation practice
2020 Feb 182m 51s
Do you find that your mind is often occupied with the stress of modern life? Do you find yourself worrying about things that are already in the past or things that haven't happened yet, and might not occur at all? Train your mind to live in the now and relieve anxiety with Mindfulness & Meditation.
Earth Descent Meditation
2020 Feb 126m 54s
You can visualize your awareness dropping deep within the Earth with this Earth Descent Meditation by Buddhist teacher Reginald Ray.
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