• Josie Kallo
33 episodes
A podcast about just what the heck gender actually is in context. Featuring discussions about various topics with a focus on identities outside the gender binary


Inhuman Non-binary Characters
2021 May 0428m 17s
This week, El and Josie chat about the issues with a very common trope that crops up a lot with characters that are considered non-binary, either in canon or through cultural coding.
El's Top Surgery Consult!
2021 Apr 2732m 45s
This week, El and Josie have a very exciting conversation reflecting on El's top surgery consult -- including excerpts from their actual conversation with Dr. Alexander Facque of the Gender Confirmation Center!
Processing Anti-Trans Legislation
2021 Apr 2030m 25s
This week, El and Josie discuss some recent, trying news stories and how to process them.
How To: Correctly Gender People
2021 Apr 1327m 50s
This week, El and Josie discuss some tips and tricks on how to train yourself to gender someone correctly, and use the correct pronouns for them. This episode can be a helpful resource for folx of any gender identity who might be having some trouble learning someone's pronouns!
2021 Apr 0626m 36s
This week, El and Josie welcome some new listeners with a brief recap of their own identities followed by a deep dive into El's genderfluid identity!
The Pressure to Medically Transition
2021 Mar 3031m 50s
This week, El and Josie discuss both the pressures and barriers gender expansive folx face to access medical transition steps, and how both of those things can be harmful to gender expansive folx.
Broadening "Gender Affirming Care"
2021 Mar 2328m 53s
There are many ways that folx can alter their bodies to alleviate dysphoria and affirm their gender, but only a relatively narrow number of these are considered "Gender Affirming" medical care. This week, El and Josie discuss some non-standard ways queer folx might express their genders, and why it might be a good idea to expand our idea of gender affirmation.
Gender Creative Parenting (In Theory)
2021 Mar 1625m 42s
This week, El and Josie chat about what it might be like to raise a child in a gender creative way, and the various forms that might take in our evolving society.
Gender Euphoria
2021 Mar 0933m 29s
This week, El and Josie chat about gender euphoria, the feeling of intense happiness and satisfaction in relation to gender, as well as why that should be a larger focus of the trans and gender expansive communities!
Non-Binary Top Surgery
2021 Feb 2328m 9s
When folx hear the term "Top Surgery," they often think of the masculinizing surgery that many binary trans men seek. However, there's a wide variety of top surgery options beyond this perceived standard. This week, El and Josie chat about some non-binary approaches to top surgery.